Tips to avoid dust and dirt in your home

It’s something we’re all too familiar with: you've just rid your house of dust, and there's another grey layer of it on your furniture and floors. And so the job starts all over again. It can be frustrating. It's no wonder that we don't like doing these household tasks. Here are some tips for keeping on top of the dirt:



Ventilate against dirt

Increasing the humidity stops dust from spreading so quickly in your home in the first place. Particularly in the winter months, because heating makes the ambient air particularly dry.

So during the cold season, place a bowl of water on your radiators. The water evaporates and so makes the ambient temperature more moist. But only ventilate for a short time, because leaving your windows open for too long lets too much dust from outside into your home.

Microfibre cloths also work well because of their antistatic effect. Because even without moisture, dust particles stick to the microfibre fabric. Which means they are great for use on furniture that is sensitive to water. You do need to be careful with high gloss furniture, however. Microfibres can scratch them, or take the shine off them.

Heavy dirt on shelves and dressers can also be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush.

Declare war on dust and dirt magnets

Antique furniture

Antique furniture is a real eye-catcher in the home, but is often also a real dust magnet. However, you should never dust these sensitive items with a damp cloth. For regular cleaning, simply use a dry duster.

Clean ornaments or crevices that are difficult to reach with a bristle brush. Try not to use water even on heavy dirt, and use only suitable detergents on wood or veneer. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.



Heizkörper reinigen


During the winter, no end of dust accumulates in radiator grooves and fins. A narrow radiator brush gets them clean in no time. If you don't have one at home, stretch a microfibre cloth over a silicone dough scraper to wipe away dust from the gaps.

You can also use a steam cleaner on ribbed radiators. Hold a towel behind and beneath the radiator and clean the gaps using the steam jet.






Carpets and curtains

Carpets, curtains and bedlinen are real dust traps. Carpets therefore need to be vacuumed regularly and bedding shaken out in the fresh air to stop dust particles from settling everywhere in your home.

Wash curtains several times a year. Re-hang curtains when they are still damp to prevent unsightly creases.


window cleaning

Window panes

Moving ladders, dragging buckets: Cleaning high windows, in a conservatory for example, is a very tedious task. Here's a practical solution: The window vacuum extension means even hard-to-reach spots are easy to clean from the ground.

And while squeaky clean panes are half the battle, don't neglect the window seals. Wash them with some water or a window detergent and a cloth. Use a slightly damp cloth and do not squeeze too hard to prevent drops from dripping downwards. Gaps in window frames can also be cleaned with a steam cleaner.

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