How to clean garden tools

How to clean garden tools

Cleaning a spade

Learn how to clean your garden tools using a Kärcher pressure washer

When you are gardening, your tools can get covered in mud and compost. Before storing your tools, such as a shovel or wheelbarrow, you will want to wash them off. By using your Kärcher pressure washer you can be done in no time. 

Cleaning your tools after each use will help to keep them in good working condition and can make them last longer. 

For the best results, follow our simple tips below:

  1. Ensure you place your tools in an upright, stable position, for example, up against a wall.
  2. Use your vario spray lance on a medium setting.
  3. Clean from the top downwards, to ensure you don't wash mud over already cleaned areas. 
  4. Allow to dry before storing away. 

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