Kärcher air blowers are efficient, powerful, very compact and whisper quiet. They quickly dry water damage or carpets after cleaning. With carrying handle and integrated cord storage.

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The professional air blower AB 20/1 Ec

The AB 20/1 Ec is a robust, compact and powerful air blower for faster drying after thorough cleaning. Long waiting times after wet cleaning are annoying for many customers. With the AB 20/1 Ec air blower, the drying time can be reduced by up to 50%. These qualities and the long service life make the AB 20/1 Ec an economical business partner.

The AB 20 Ec is equipped with a durable brushless motor. It lasts up to 3x longer than comparable air blowers with common universal motors.
It is user-friendly and safe as the low noise level means it can be used for drying even during business hours.