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Success is going digital. Manage and optimise your manual cleaning processes and workflows digitally. With Kärcher Manage, we offer you the software solution for the planning, monitoring and quality assurance of your tasks throughout the building.

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Management needs reliable information

Kärcher Manage provides you with all the information you need to optimise your cleaning and building management. The data required for this can be recorded and analysed easily. Kärcher Manage can be integrated seamlessly into your operational workflows and those of your emplayees. It is very user-friendly and intuitive, meaning that anyone can work with it without specific prior knowledge.

With Kärcher Manage, you can log working hours, cleaning times and cleaning outcomes in a fraction of the time previously required for this. Pen and paper have had their day. Your employees record the data, which is then transferred automatically into the system. You can carry out quality checks just as quickly using the Kärcher Manage app for smartphones.

Kärcher Manage optimises the exchange of information between cleaning personnel and facility managers or technicians. This means that cleaning personnel can notify the facility manager directly of exceptional or unusual incidents or special cleaning activities, for example. The facility manager does not lose any time, can track the activities in the online portal and is always up to date.

Gather and analyse information in a meaningful way

Kärcher Manage simplifies building and cleaning management. You can coordinate employees, tasks and resources more effectively.

Fast and accurate recording and analysis of cleaning times and quality checks for more efficient organisation.

Better overview of the actual duration of specific tasks. Optimised assignment of personnel and resources, as well as more efficient planning.

Reliable recording of working hours and as proof for clients.

Quality control features for increased cleaning quality. Your customers are satisfied and you can see at a glance which areas require improvement.

The Kärcher Manage “Activities” feature facilitates dovetailing with other areas of building management by reporting incidents directly to the people responsible. They have a better overview of pending or already completed tasks, and are therefore in control of the processes.

Recording data has never been easier

In Kärcher Manage, data is recorded using handy barcode scanners and transferred automatically to the web-based Kärcher Manage portal via our innovative docking station. This means that the recorded information can be accessed quickly and from anywhere.

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Scanner and docking station

Kärcher Manage allows you to accurately record when cleaning personnel start work, enter and leave rooms, and finish work. The information is recorded by scanning locally applied barcodes. Moreover, activities such as special tasks and damage can be reported via special barcodes attached to the cleaning trolley.

Our barcode scanners are handy and user-friendly. Moreover, our scanners can be operated with wet hands or gloves problem-free. And they are extremely robust in day-to-day use.

You can define the data to be recorded via barcodes according to your requirements. This could be damage in a room (e.g. a faulty light), filling towel dispensers or any other task.

When the scanner is placed into the Kärcher Manage docking station, this reads the saved data automatically and transfers it to the web-based Kärcher Manage portal. Shortly afterwards, the data is available for access online. The docking station simultaneously recharges the scanner batteries so that these are always charged and ready to use.

With the docking station, you can very easily integrate Kärcher Manage into daily workflows. Install the docking station as a start and end point in the cleaning storeroom, for example. The data is transferred via mobile communication. The permanently installed SIM card transfers data free of charge and does not require LAN or WLAN access.

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Web portal

You can access the web-based Kärcher Manage portal from any computer with online access and an internet browser. There is no need to install specific software. Operation is simple and intuitive. Access is encrypted and password-protected – no one can access the data unauthorised. You define which employees can see which information via a special role system.

The portal – your organisational centre

  • Access and evaluate working hours and cleaning times
  • Access and analyse the results of quality checks
  • Manage reports and activities: assign tasks, track completion status
  • Create a wide range of reports and evaluations
  • Create and manage cleaning entities with room schedules
  • Create and manage cleaning personnel
  • Change incorrect or missing data manually, for example if a cleaner has forgotten to scan


The app you can rely on

With the Kärcher Manage app, you can check the quality of every cleaning activity quickly and reliably. And you can efficiently manage information with optimum networking between all parties.

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Quality checks with the Kärcher Manage app

From damage reports to completed activities or work performance records – you will know. With the Kärcher Manage app, your facility managers can carry out quality checks on the spot quickly and reliably in different rooms and buildings. The recorded data is synchronised automatically by the smartphone and is available to you via the web portal immediately. Our Kärcher Manage app supports iOS and Android.

The cleaning quality is assessed using an intuitive traffic light system. The app can also be used to give reasons for a negative assessment, for example dirt on the floor or tables, inadequate cleaning of toilets, or waste bins that have not been emptied. This allows you to identify possible problem areas and determine the causes and individual training needs.

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Manage outstanding tasks with a complete overview

With the Kärcher Manage web portal, you or your re-presentatives have an overview of all of the important information at all times: from the recording of working hours and cleaning times to planning and tracking special cleaning activities and repairs. You can see which activities are pending, which are still underway, whether and to whom these have been assigned and which have already been completed. Coordinating various contractors and employees from areas such as electrics, maintenance and hygiene has never been so easy.

Your Kärcher Manage web portal shows you all of the recorded information with its status. You can even turn events which require a reaction into tasks automatically and assign the relevant employees. In the case of a faulty light, for example, a request can be sent automatically to the electrician listed.

The different types of information that you can record and manage with Kärcher Manage can easily be tailored to the precise needs of your customer. Kärcher Manage is your control centre for managing all tasks, from gardening tasks to disinfection verification or completion of winter service.

Turn data into measureable added value

Kärcher Manage helps you make the most of your potential. Systematic recording and utilisation of relevant data on cleaning and facility management form the basis of more reliable decision-making. With a better overview, complete transparency and faster reactions, you can achieve much higher efficiency.

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Kärcher Manage

Our solution for your tasks: time is money. And saving time means saving money. We all make mistakes, but with greater transparency these can be reduced to a minimum. With Kärcher Manage, you get all of the information you need to improve manual cleaning processes in the long term. This gives you major competitive advantages as a building service contractor. You can demonstrate every activity, point by point, to your customers. You can accomplish tasks more quickly and in a more controlled manner. Easily, reliably and much more efficiently. Your Kärcher Manage: comprehensive, accurate information – not a paper chase.

Advantages at a glance

  • Optimise cleaning processes
  • Easy quality control
  • Fast reporting of events and activities
  • Electronic logging of working hours
  • Verification of work to customers
  • Overview of pending activities and special cleaning activities




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