Technical Products List

Kärcher Technical Products require additional training to achieve optimal cleaning results, as such we always carry out a site survey, demonstration and full training prior to handover.


Technical Products

HD Special

All HDS Machines

All HD/HDS Stationary/Cabinet/HDC

NT Special Class (Safety & Zoned Vacs)

CV 60/2 RS

All Industrial Vacs

BR 40/10 C

All Compact Scrubber Driers (excluding BR/BD 30/4 & BR 35/12 C & BD 38/12 C )

All Walk Behind, Ride-on & step-on Scrubber Driers

All Polishing Machines (Including BDS Duo & BDS 43/450 C)

Escalator Cleaners

BRC 50/70 W

All SGV Range

All walk behind & ride-on vacuum sweepers

Ice Blasters

Ice Pelletisers

Municipal Implement Carriers

Municipal Sweepers

Ultra High Pressure (+350 Bar)/WOMA

Parts Cleaners

Water Treatement Machines

Non-Technical Products

NT Standard Class & Tact Class

All T + BV Models

All CV Models (except CV 60/2 RS)

All EB

BR/BD 30/4 & BR 35/12 C & BD 38/12 C

All Single Disc Machines (Except BDS Duo & BDS 43/450 C)

AP 100/50 M

Air Blowers

All Carpet Cleaners (except BRC 50/70 W)

SG 4/4

All Compact Sweepers