Industrial vacuum IVR-L 65/20-2 Tc

IVR-L 65/20-2 Tc liquid and swarf vacuum with a robust design for operation with alternating current. Suitable for vacuuming medium quantities of oil and metal shavings, among other materials.

A durable, washable pocket filter and powerful two-turbine solution with a rated input power of 2 kW are the main features of the IVR-L 65/20-2 Tc mobile liquid and swarf vacuum. Together, they guarantee continuous operation and high suction power without any reduction in the filter capacity. This makes the machine ideal for vacuuming medium quantities of various suction media, such as metal shavings, oil or coolant emulsions. An optional strainer basket ensures that solid and liquid components are separated effectively. Liquids can be disposed of separately by simply detaching the drain hose on the 65 l container. Otherwise, the emptying system with tilting chassis is used to empty the container with minimal force by tilting it using the roll-off mechanism. AC-powered with a very robust and maintenance-friendly design, the vacuum meets the key requirements for tough industrial applications. The sound-damped drive unit and an exhaust silencer also ensure low operating noise.


Technical data

Type of current (Phases/Volt/Hertz) 1 / 220 - 240 / 50 - 60
Container capacity (Litre) 65
Air flow (Litres per second/Cubic metres per hour) 100 / 360
Rated input power (Kilowatt) 2
Vacuum (Millibar/Kilopascal) 220 / 22
Nominal size Nominal width 50
Accessory nominal size Nominal width 50 Nominal width 40
Weight without accessories (Kilogram) 42.6
Weight (with accessories) (Kilogram) 42.6
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 42.6


  • Container emptying: Tilting chassis
Industrial vacuum IVR-L 65/20-2 Tc
Industrial vacuum IVR-L 65/20-2 Tc