Industrial vacuum IVR-L D

IVR-L 100/30 powerful liquid/shavings vacuum cleaner. With wear-free side channel blower. Built for three-shift operation in the production industry. Extra-long service life.

IVR-L 100/30: a durable and powerful industrial vacuum particularly suited to vacuuming liquids and/or shavings in the metal processing industry. The robust construction guarantees a long service life despite the toughest of industrial use. The 3~ side channel blower of the IVR-L 100/30 is designed for shift operation. This means the machine is also suitable for stationary use in the production industry. When vacuuming liquids, the current filling level is visible any time on the drainage pipe. The collecting container is connected to the vacuum cleaner using a set-down mechanism which can be used whilst standing.

Features and benefits
Visual filling level display
Wear-resistant side channel compressor

Technical data

Type of current (Phases/Volt/Hertz) 3 / 400 / 50
Container capacity (Litre) 100
Container material Metal
Air flow (Litres per second/Cubic metres per hour) 87.5 / 315
Rated input power (Kilowatt) 3
Vacuum (Millibar/Kilopascal) 260 / 26
Nominal size Nominal width 70
Accessory nominal size Nominal width 70 Nominal width 50
Weight without accessories (Kilogram) 141
Weight (with accessories) (Kilogram) 141
Weight incl. packaging (Kilogram) 157


  • Accessories included: no
  • Container emptying: Set down chassis
Industrial vacuum IVR-L D
Industrial vacuum IVR-L D
Industrial vacuum IVR-L D