D-I-Y Car washing

Is it getting more and more difficult to see through the car’s dirty front windscreen? Or have the dear little ones left loads of biscuit crumbs and juice on the back seat? In that case, it is really time to give the car a thorough clean again. With the right equipment that is done quickly – and is even fun.

Dirty Car

Clean step by step

  1. First of all, spray the vehicle with a cleaning agent, so that most of the dirt is loosened. In addition, wheel rim cleaner can be sprayed on manually as required.

  2. Afterwards, remove the coarse dirt with the high pressure jet.

  3. Then clean the car with a soft washing brush, for example the WB 60 or the power brush WB 150.

  4. Finally, rinse the car with water and let it dry. If you want to work particularly thoroughly, you can rub the car dry with a chamois.

  5. Repair smaller flaws and scratches that you notice during cleaning with a paint stick.

Important instructions for use for the high-pressure cleaner:

  • Always carry out the car wash with the flat jet and not with the rotor nozzle.

  • The minimum distance to the surface of 30 cm should be observed.

  • Always clean from the bottom to the top, in order to not forget anywhere and make best use of the cleaning agent.

Make wheel rims shine


As a preliminary cleaning step, remove coarse dirt with the high-pressure jet.


Dirt can also be removed from wheels and wheel rims with a high-pressure cleaner. With the aid of the jet pipe Vario Power Jet Short 360° and its adjustable 360° joint hard-to-access areas, such as the wheel case, can be cleaned.

Car shampoo

Afterwards, clean the wheel rims with a sponge and car shampoo.


Narrow gaps in wheel rims or spokes can be cleaned thoroughly with a wheel rim brush. Spray wheel rim cleaner intermittently on the areas against stubborn dirt.

Car interieur cleaning

An interior to feel comfortable in

If the car is shining on the outside, the interior is to be made shipshape next:

  • First of all, remove all loose mats and carpets from the car and beat them well.

  • Then free the entire interior from coarse dirt with a multi-purpose cleaner.

  • Don’t forget the cracks and compartments in the care when vacuuming. Use the different nozzle attachments for this.

Looking after different surfaces

Leather flat

Smooth leather surfaces

  • Leather seats are generally easy to clean. It is often enough to use a slightly damp cotton or microfibre cloth.

  • In the case of more stubborn stains a diluted household cleaner or a leather cleaner helps

  • After cleaning, a special leather care product should also be applied.

Textile surface

Textile surfaces

  • For the cleaning of textile seating upholstery it is sufficient to use hot water with conventional detergents.

  • Apply the detergent with a terrycloth or a microfibre washing glove and rub off the car seats with a dry towel.

  • Cleaning is even easier with a spray extraction device.

plastic surfaces

Plastic surfaces

  • Plastic parts such as fittings and handles can be rapidly freshened up again with a corresponding care product.

  • Spray the agent directly on to a microfibre cloth and rub over the surfaces.

  • Care should be taken around the airbag: The wrong agents can attack the predetermined breaking points. Some manufacturers therefore recommend only clear water for cleaning.

glass surface

Glass surfaces

  • Spray the areas with glass cleaner first, then wipe and rub the pane using a damp microfibre cloth und a lint-free cloth.

  • A window vac helps to achieve a streak-free result even faster: Simply vacuum off the cleaning solution from the pane.

Gear up for your DIY car wash

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