Kärcher gantry car washes are economical and environmentally friendly. For service stations, car dealerships, wash centres, shopping centres and supermarket chains.



This makes each wash worth seeing – we guarantee your customers have never experienced a vehicle wash quite like this. The changing LED illumination makes quite an impression as it sets the stage for the various steps of each car wash. This will make your site a real customer magnet.


Drive-through width
Suitable for any size and therefore “immeasurably successful”: whether it’s a small car, a mid-range saloon or a SUV – with a drive-through width of 2.60 m at mirror height, our gantry car washes offer you a whole new dimension of vehicle cleaning.

CWB 3 Klean!Star

The best wash result is nothing without perfect drying. We have turned to physics to ensure our customers get the best results. With our 90-degree swivelling 3-stage dryer you get outstanding all-round drying without any annoying drips. What’s more, it is universally deployable.

The high-end shine conservation VehiclePro Klear!Shine RM 895 underlines the drying effect due to its sensational beading effect. It gives a high gloss to the paint, protects it from harmful environmental influences and helps to maintain the value of the vehicle.

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How do I start the process of building a Vehicle Wash?

We offer free site surveys to ensure your worksite is fit for installation and also to talk you through the entire process.

If you would like to arrange the free quote & site survey, please fill in the contact form below. 


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