Effortless Spring Cleaning Tips

It's time to embrace the Australian tradition of thorough spring cleaning!

What exactly does spring cleaning entail? And which tools will help you reach shipshape in no time? Look no further - Kärcher's steam cleaners, window vacs, vacuums and NEW garden power tools are here to revolutionise your cleaning routine with their Aussie prowess. Get ready to experience the ultimate cleaning power as you effortlessly banish winter grime and rejuvenate your home. Spring cleaning has never been easier – Kärcher always gives you a sparkling clean experience!

Bathroom cleaning with steam

Steam Cleaners: The Power of Steam to Transform Your Spring Cleaning Routine!

Introducing Kärcher's legendary Steam Cleaners - the ultimate game-changers in the world of cleaning. Harnessing the power of high-pressure steam, these innovative marvels eradicate grease, grime, and bacteria from every inch of your home. With the push of a button, our Steam Cleaners unleash a force of pure steam that penetrates deep into surfaces, banishing dirt and sanitizing with unrivaled precision. From floors to kitchen countertops, bathrooms to upholstery, our Steam Cleaners effortlessly tackle any cleaning challenge, leaving your home fresh and immaculate. Embrace the ease and efficiency of Kärcher's Steam Cleaners, designed with the homeowner in mind. With guarantees and awards backing our superior performance, you can trust that your cleaning journey is in the hands of the best. 

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Tiles window vac

Window Vacs: Crystal-Clear Windows, Mirrors and Glasses with just one vac

Get ready to witness a revolution in window cleaning with Kärcher's Window Vacs. Say goodbye to streaks and smudges, and welcome a world of crystal-clear views with our innovative cleaning solution. Powered by cutting-edge technology, our Window Vacs effortlessly suck away dirt, water, and condensation from your windows, leaving them pristine and gleaming. No more tedious wiping or squeegeeing required - simply glide the Window Vac across the glass, and watch in awe as it effortlessly does the work for you. With Kärcher's Window Vacs, you can feel confident in achieving flawless, streak-free windows every time. 

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Karcher Wet and Dry Vac

Unleash the Power of Immaculate Cleanliness with Kärcher's Wet and Dry Vacuums!

Introducing Kärcher's unstoppable Wet and Dry Vacuums - the ultimate cleaning heroes that will revolutionise your home maintenance routine. No spill, dirt, or mess is too tough for these powerhouses to handle. With a single swipe, our Wet and Dry Vacuums effortlessly suck away wet debris, dust, and even the tiniest particles, leaving your floors and surfaces spotless and gleaming. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual labor and embrace the efficiency and power of Kärcher's innovative solution.


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Be sure to use it with one of our eco-friendly detergents

Powerful universal cleaner for use with Kärcher pressure washers. With new active dirt dissolver,which effortlessly removes oil, grease and stubborndirt with just cold water. For use all around the house, garden and on vehicles.

Saves time and effort: the 3-in-1 glass finisher ensures lasting cleanliness without spots or streaks and is particularly suitable for large, hard-to-reach windows (such as winter gardens and glass facades). With protective formula to keep surfaces cleaner for longer. Not effective on coated glass surfaces.

The Glass Cleaner Concentrate is perfect for streak-free cleaning of all smooth waterproof surfaces. Removes even stubborn dirt such as grease, insects and emissions.

Powerful wood cleaner with unique 3-in-1 formula which offers exceptional cleaning performance thanks to the active dirt remover, as well as a UV protection formula and intensive care. For outstanding cleaning efficiency, care and protection in one step. Can be used on all treated and untreated wooden outdoor surfaces.

Powerful Stone and Paving Cleaner with unique 3-in-1 formula for outstanding cleaning performance. With active dirt remover, protection formula against resoiling, and wind and weather protection. For outstanding cleaning efficiency, care and protection in one step. Can be used on stone terraces, walls and façades all around the house and garden.

Spring Cleaning Unleashed: Effortlessly Transform Your Home into a Haven of Freshness!

Ready to conquer spring cleaning like a pro? Grab your Kärcher cleaning arsenal and get ready for a cleaning experience like no other! Say goodbye to endless hours wasted on tedious tasks and embrace the power of efficiency! With a systematic approach, you'll tackle each room with ease, saving valuable time and energy. Start from the top and watch the dust disappear from cupboards, tables, windowsills, and even those forgotten plants that deserve a refreshing touch.

But we're just getting started! Our powerful wet and dry vacuums will effortlessly revive your upholstery and furniture, leaving them looking brand new. Wet and Dry vacuums are indeal for use in bathrooms, garages, laundries, and more! And when you're done with the interior, step outside and get your car and garden furniture shining like never before! Don't forget to include your terrace and driveway in your cleaning spree to avoid any unnecessary extra work down the line.

But here's the best part - as you clean and declutter, seize the opportunity to sort through old belongings. It's time to turn your home into a clutter-free oasis! Say goodbye to the chaos and embrace a fresh start with our top-notch cleaning solutions.

Spring cleaning has never been this exciting or hassle-free! Trust Kärcher to be your ultimate cleaning companion, designed to make your cleaning journey effortless and enjoyable. Get ready to welcome a home that sparkles with brilliance and reenergizes your spirits. With Kärcher at your side, cleaning is no longer a chore - it's a powerful transformation!

Tips for inside


Beautiful carpets and upholstered furniture add comfort and warmth to the apartment and create visual highlights. A textile floor covering not only looks good, but improves the foothold and absorbs noises. However, sofas and similar items are exposed to many stresses day in day out. Fine dust, skin scales, crumbs, pet hair and spilt drinks – they absorb a lot of dirt over time. Regular cleaning preserves the look, extends the lifetime and also ensures hygiene. The last point plays a particularly important role especially in households with small children or allergy sufferers.

Rugs and carpets should be thoroughly vacuumed at least once a week. Active floor nozzles with motorised roller as well as vacuum cleaners, which detect the degree of contamination via sensors and automatically set the suction power accordingly, are perfect. For optimal cleaning power the nozzle should not be moved back and forth too quickly. A slow and smooth motion is better. A turbo nozzle can improve the result on fixed textile floor coverings. Special pet hair brushes facilitate vacuuming in households with four-legged friends! It is important that the hair is removed from the brush after the task. Otherwise, the cleaning power decreases very quickly.


Cleaning windows can be time-consuming and energy-sapping, especially when it comes to cleaning large sections of glazing on floor-to-ceiling windows, patio doors or conservatories. And it takes a feat of ingenuity just to be able reach some of the windows or skylights in high stairwells. But deposits of dirt created by winter conditions, exhaust fumes, pollen, fallen leaves or residues from insects not only impact the visibility in the long run, but also shorten the life of window seals. Reason enough to take the opportunity of a spring clean to tackle those windows we have a habit of putting off. After all, it's about more than just squeaky-clean window panes, it's about value preservation too.

One way of taking the hard work out of window cleaning is with a cordless Window Vac and the right accessories. Simply spray on cleaning agent, spread around with the microfibre wiper to soften and loosen the dirt. With Kärcher, it couldn't be simpler because the microfibre pad is attached to the spray bottle itself. Everything you need fits in one hand. Then it's the job of the Window Vac to vacuum it all up. The results are fast, dazzling and streak-free. The dirty water flows directly into the machine's collecting container rather than dripping onto the floor – a clean solution all-round.


The vacuum cleaner is the popular alternative for cleaning. Unlike a brush, which kicks up dirt, it makes short work of crumbs and dust particles. This is important prior to wet cleaning as very coarse dirt cannot be picked up completely or can even leave visible scratches on sensitive surfaces such as parquet. Those who wish to save themselves this extra step can use the floor cleaner FC 7 from Kärcher, which sweeps and mops in one!


If carpets or upholstered furniture are subject to heavy-duty use, e.g. in the dining area, playroom or hall, then regular vacuuming no longer yields the desired effect after a while. Carpets appear worn and upholstery has traces of unsightly stains because during vacuuming only surface dirt is vacuumed. 

At this stage it is time for deep cleaning with the spray extraction cleaner. During spray extraction cleaning detergent and water are sprayed onto the textile surface and removed from the fibres with the dirt by suction. This process may need to be repeated several times for stubborn dirt. Not only carpets are fresh and clean again. The method is also suitable for spot cleaning, e.g. of spilt drinks on upholstered furniture, mattresses and car seats. Battery-powered models like the Kärcher SE 3-18 Compact Battery are very convenient here.


There's no other room in the house where cleanliness and hygiene are as important as in the bathroom. There is a variety of opinions on the right way to clean showers, washbasins, toilets and so on. But what actually works well? How can you make cleaning particularly effective, quick and easy? With the following tips, dirt and stubborn limescale in the bathroom don't stand a chance.

Using a steam cleaner enables thorough cleaning without any chemicals and also with very low water consumption. For thorough and hygienic steam cleaning, powerful bursts of steam and a high temperature are used in combination with nozzles, brush attachments and suitable cleaning cloths.

Tips for outside

Moisture, cold air, wet dirt and especially road salt – winter is a hard time of year for cars. This aggressive mixture can speed up the formation of rust. This is why thorough car washing is part of spring cleaning. This is quick and thorough with a pressure washer.

For this purpose, a flat jet should be used at a distance of about 30 centimetres from the surface. As far as possible, the underbody and wheel arches should be cleaned. Using a detergent makes it easier to dissolve dirt, which then only needs rinsing off. If you prefer to use a wash brush, the car should first be sprayed over completely so that stones and other dirt cannot scratch the paint.

Before washing the car, it is definitely worth finding out whether car washing is allowed on the street or private plot of land, as the laws can vary according to the Federal State, city or municipality. The possibility of polluting the groundwater should always be ruled out.

The tiles on the balcony, terrace and paths in front of the house are constantly exposed to weather. This often results in unpleasant dirt. Moss, lichen and greenery can be thoroughly cleaned in a flash using a pressure washer.

Ferrous objects such as garden furniture or lights lying on the ground and getting damp for extended periods of time may cause rust stains to develop. Acid-resistant stones such as granite or slate can be treated with citric acid. For acid-sensitive stones such as marble, a special acid-free rust remover is required.

Garden furniture in storage should be wiped off after the winter using water and dishwashing detergent in order to remove dirt and dust. High-pressure cleaning makes it faster. The additional use of a detergent that has a gentle effect on the surface is also recommended.

Garden furniture padding is subjected to sun and rain. As such, delicate materials and colours should be sprayed with a special stain guard. Synthetic fibre covers are easy to wash, whereas cotton covers should be cleaned chemically.

Whether wood or modern wood polymers – dirt gets stuck in natural structures more easily and is more difficult to remove than from smooth stone floors. In this instance, it is best to use a pressure washer. This allows for a gentle cleaning procedure – especially on wooden surfaces.

Through the use of a flat jet nozzle and spray lance, water pressure can be adjusted to match the material. Surfaces should be painted with a special wood varnish following cleaning. This protects against weathering and freshens up the colour.

Kärcher steam cleaners kill 99.99% of bacteria with ZERO chemicals on hard surfaces.

How to Spring Clean a Shower

Tips & tricks for cleaning the shower screen, tiles and taps.


How to Clean a BBQ

Tips & tricks for cleaning the grill, hotplate and hood.


How to Clean an Oven

Tips & tricks for cleaning both the inside and outside of the oven.


Deep Clean Your Home The Kärcher Way!

Kids Room

Kids Room

Attach the power nozzle set and destroy muck and bacteria from toys for a sanitising clean.


Baby Highchair

To cover a wider surface area like the highchair and cot, attach the microfibre sleeve, and you’re ready to steam clean hygienically.


Pet Beds & Bowls

The steam cleaner is a versatile way to clean pet beds and accessories. Powerful steam busts through dirt and eliminates unwanted pet odour.



You can safely use the steam cleaner on all kitchen surfaces. Attach the microfibre cloth to clean your splashback and cooktops. Then, use the power nozzle to destroy built-up grime in hard-to-reach places.



Hygienically clean your toilet without fuss. Eliminate hidden bacteria and built-up grime using the power nozzle attachment.



Remove water spots and soap scum with ease. Attach the microfibre cloth head to steam clean your shower glass doors, then use the power nozzle to target stubborn grouting.

Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture

Restore the shine to your outdoor furniture – just in time for summer. Our multifunctional accessories make it easy to tackle all surfaces.

Oven Trays

Oven Trays

You’ll be amazed at how quickly the steam cleaner blasts through baked-on, stubborn oven grease. Use the round brush head set for a fast and targeted clean.



The steam cleaner is the perfect appliance to freshen household fabrics and upholstery using the hand tool or carpet tool. Steam penetrates deeply into the fibres to remove odour and freshen up.