HKF 50 spray head , brass

Constant rotational speed and lightweight design: The compact interior cleaning head for cleaning vats and tanks with openings of 50 mm or wider.

The compact interior cleaning head is ideally suited for cleaning inside vats and containers with a narrow opening of 50 millimetres or more. The cleaning head is driven by an electric motor operating at 230 volts and 50 hertz. The nozzles rotate around 2 axes at a constant speed, reaching every inch of the container. Weighing just 7.8 kilograms, there is no need for extra suspension devices. Operational up to 150 bar, 1200 l/h and a maximum water temperature of 85 °C. The head measures 1265 millimetres in length and the immersion depth is 850 millimetres. The interior cleaning head connects quickly and easily to a cold-water or hot-water pressure washer via a high-pressure hose.

Features and benefits
Compact dimensions
Low weight

Technical data

Connecting thread M22 x 1.5
Drive Electric
Quantity of nozzles (Unit) 1 / 2
Capacity (Litres per hour) 1500
Speed (Revolutions per minute) 11
Laid length (Millimetre) 850
Number of phases (Phases) 1
Voltage (Volt) 230
Frequency (Hertz) 50
Operating pressure (Bar) 150
Temperature (Celsius) Maximum 85
Weight (Kilogram) 7.8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (Millimetre) 1265