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Manage your business with Kärcher 1-5 year rental options.

  • Kärcher offers flexible leasing options for financing products from the investment goods sector. Whether fully amortised, partially amortised or hire-purchase: Kärcher offers you a tailored solution to finance our products.


  • Let us visit your site to do a free site assessment and recommend the right unit for your requirements. 


  • You can spread the costs over easy weekly/monthly payments. It will also provide the complete package that is fully maintained, to ensure the unit is kept at its full operating performance at all times.


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Good reasons for leasing:


Invest without using company capital

You do not have to use any capital that you need for your own resources to purchase your new Kärcher equipment. This gives you more room for manoeuvre in your business.

Earn more by leasing

Generate profit without using company capital. There's no better way to make money. What are you waiting for?

No need to go to your bank

Invest without having to commit to a bank loan. Your securities will remain available for other financing projects.

Safe and manageable

Lease instalments remain the same for the entire term of the lease. This gives you a clear planning structure.

Flexible contract models

For all requirements. Leasing from Kärcher – as beneficial and safe as Kärcher cleaning technology. Professional, practical, fast and from a single source. Use our leasing range to benefit your investments. Leasing by practitioners for practitioners.

Full amortisation agreements

With fully amortised lease agreements, everything is under control. You decide at the end of the leasing period: purchase, extend or return.

Residual value lease agreements

Residual value lease agreements offer very attractive lease instalments that match the true value depreciation.


Hire-purchase is a good option when there are government subsidies available for investments: you simply apply for the funding and receive it directly. Once you have paid the final hire-purchase instalment, you are the owner.

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