FC 5 Floor Cleaner how to guide

How to clean: hard floors


FC 5 1

Fill up the fresh water tank.

Fc 5 2

Place machine in its stand, pour a small amount of water in to the base.

Fc 5 4

Press the power button on handle and let the water wet the rollers for about 10 seconds.

FC 5 4

Glide effortlessly over your hard floors for the perfect clean.

How to use: detergent*

*detergent not included

Fc 5 5

Pour clean water in to the fresh water tank.

FC 5 6

Simply add a few drops of a Kärcher detergent to the tank.

FC 5 7

Clip the tank back into the machine.

FC 5 8

After cleaning, your house will smell clean and fresh!

How to clean the: rollers


FC 5 9

Place machine in its stand, pour water into the base and leave for 1 minute.

FC 5 10

OR Simply twist the roller at the  side and pull to release it.

FC 5 11

Pop in the washing machine at 60 degrees to bring them back to new!

FC 5 12

OR Can be hand washed if preferred.

How to empty: dirty water


FC 5 13

Use to clean your hard floors.

FC 5 14

Unlock the dirty water tank and remove from machine.

FC 5 15

Simply empty the dirty water from the tank into the sink or drain.

Fc 5 16

Replace tank back in to the machine.


FC acc1

Stone Floor Detergent

FC acc2

Sealed Wooden Floor Cleaner

Fc acc 3

Oiled/Waxed Wooden Floor Cleaner

Fc 4 acc4

Universal Floor Cleaner

FC 5 acc5

Microfibre Roller Yellow