One Battery, Versatile Applications

Elevate your garden care game with Kärcher's cutting-edge GSH Battery Grass & Shrub Shear - the ultimate tool for delicate, precise work. Say goodbye to tedious trimming and hello to hassle-free gardening excellence! With our tried-and-tested 2-in-1 system, you can effortlessly tackle shrubs, hedges, bushes, and even smaller lawns with lightning speed and ease. Witness the transformation as clean, razor-sharp edges emerge, instantly making your garden a sight to behold. Designed for homeowners who value convenience and meticulousness, our GSH Shear guarantees superior performance and unbeatable results. Forget the hassle of manual labor and embrace the effortless path to garden perfection with Kärcher today!

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Features of Kärcher Battery Grass and Shrub Shear

The grass shear is used to cut the edges of garden lawns, flowerbeds, vegetable patches or patios – all those places a lawn mower cannot get to.

The shrub shear makes pruning and shaping shrubs and bushes hassle-free.

2-in-1 Grass and Shrub Shear

Effortlessly achieve crisp lawn edges and elegant hedge shapes, switch between grass and shrubblades instantly with this versatile piece of kit.

Screw-in blade system

Thanks to the intelligently designed interchangeable screw-in blade system you can adapt to any job. Achieve neat lawn edges with the 12cm grass blade, and prune hedges and shrubs using the 20cm shrub blade.

Discover our Real Time Technology that will never leave you in the lurch

Bring back the WOW to your kingdom. Here, outside the gates of your castle, you're the sovereign – ruler of your kingdom, conqueror of weeds. You reign masterfully over your little kingdom, shoring up the splendour of your garden with the help of powerful, battery-powered Kärcher garden tools and cleaning devices. Thanks to Real Time Technology, an overview of the remaining run time in minutes is available at any time. Make your lawn, hedge or tree maintenance your crowning glory. Bring back the WOW. With Kärcher battery power.

The unparalleled Kärcher Real Time Technology provides users with the best possible information. Unlike conventional LED displays, this technology provides a detailed display of the operating status and charge level.

Kärcher cordless wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners

No cable. No limit. With the Kärcher Battery Power exchangeable batteries and the diverse battery wet and dry vacuum cleaners, wet and dry dirt can be vacuumed at any time – even in places where there is no power outlet.

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Kärcher battery lawn trimmer

Battery spray extraction cleaner

When the proven Kärcher spray extraction technology meets the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform, flexibility and possible fields of application are almost infinite. With it, you can loosen and remove even deep-seated dirt efficiently and fibre-deep in one step.