Highly efficient disinfectant and hygiene solutions

Whether on surfaces, objects, floors or even in ambient air, pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or fungi are ubiquitous. And our immune system does not withstand all of them effortlessly, as coronavirus has unfortunately convincingly proven. With highly effective disinfectant and hygiene solutions, Kärcher offers the tailor-made answer to each need, for every environment and every application – today and in the future.

Steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners

Hot water high-pressure cleaners

Manual disinfection

Spray systems

Scrubber dryers

High-pressure cleaners

Air purifiers

Vacuum cleaners

Uncompromising hygiene. With a sense of proportion.

An office is not an operating theatre, a school is not a restaurant kitchen and a closed treatment room not the outdoor pool area of a hotel. That's why neither is there a single disinfectant and hygiene solution from Kärcher, but products individually tailored to actual requirements, which guarantee the required hygiene safety from case to case for users and customers.

Clever infection prevention begins with a correctly balanced cleaning and hygiene concept. As an integrated partner for questions regarding cleaning and hygiene, we are very happy to advise you, analyse your needs in terms of disinfection and hygiene measures together with you, develop a plan and only then recommend to you the appropriate products from our extensive range in each case. From chemical disinfectants through thermal disinfection devices, such as steam cleaners or hot water high-pressure cleaners, right up to air purifiers with filtration suitable for your requirements, our solutions are perfectly coordinated and naturally certified to European standards.

Thermal disinfection

Heat is a highly effective and reliable means of inactivating or killing micro-organisms even after a brief contact time. Kärcher was able to prove this with its hot water high-pressure cleaners, steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners. An external laboratory established in independent trials that heat was sufficiently effective to act as a disinfectant.

Properties of thermal disinfection

Hot water high-pressure cleaners, steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners from Kärcher demonstrably work as bactericides and inactivate both enveloped viruses, which cause diseases such as COVID-19, flu, mumps, measles, Ebola or Hanta, and the adenovirus, rotavirus and norovirus pathogens frequently found in hospitals, care homes, schools and nurseries.

Temperature-resistant hard surfaces and exterior surfaces as well as surfaces and areas where chemical disinfection is not desired or is not possible are especially suited to treatment with hot water or water steam.

Advantages of thermal disinfection

  • Completely free of chemical additives
  • No (product) residue on treated surfaces
  • No need for time-consuming rinsing
  • Prevents pathogens from developing tolerance
  • Hot water – the best choice for outside areas

Solutions for thermal disinfection by Kärcher

Steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners

Equipped with the corresponding accessories, the disinfecting effect of steam cleaners and steam vacuum cleaners from Kärcher is certified to the European standard EN 16615. They have a bactericidal effect and 'limited virucidal PLUS' properties; this means they help in the containment of epidemics of the most prevalent bacterial and viral infections. This makes them particularly suitable for hygienic cleaning of worktops and floors in kitchens, restroom facilities, changing rooms and communal areas in healthcare, hospitality and public facilities.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners

With a heating output of over 65 °C and a contact time of one minute, hot water high-pressure cleaners from Kärcher produce a disinfectant effect that has been verified by an independent laboratory, making them ideal for use in outside areas and over large surfaces.

Chemical disinfection

Chemical disinfection allows pathogens on objects or surfaces to be killed or inactivated by means of a specially developed disinfectant. On the other hand, sanitation is spoken of in the case of prophylactic maintenance disinfection (or routine disinfection), as it generally also takes place outside hospitals and care homes.

Properties of chemical disinfection

Depending on areas of application and the surface to be treated, different agents such as alcohols, alkylamines, quaternary ammonium compounds, per-compounds or chlorine should be recommended. The choice of the agent for this must be carefully weighed up in each individual case – we are extremely happy to advise you on this.

Disinfectants and disinfectant cleaners from Kärcher are suitable, subject to approval, for hard and textile surfaces in healthcare, public facilities, schools, nurseries, kitchens, canteens, sports facilities and many other places. They offer a wide efficacy spectrum against a multitude of pathogens and will impress you with short contact times, low dosage and good material compatibility. The wide range of devices and manual cleaning equipment from Kärcher thereby guarantees needs-oriented application.

Advantages of chemical disinfection

  • Possibility of cleaning and disinfection in one work step, even on the smallest of surfaces
  • Uncomplicated, time-saving application by means of spray bottle and cloth
  • Reliably kills all germs on all surfaces as well as in crevices, grooves and joints
  • Highly effective while drying
  • Fast and regular disinfection of critical surfaces possible

Solutions for chemical disinfection by Kärcher

Manual disinfection

The Kärcher disinfectant cleaners and disinfectants are ideal for wipe disinfection and their wide range of efficacy have been certified to various standards, including the European standard EN 14476. Used in combination with our extensive range of single-use and reusable textile products for surfaces and floors, and mop systems, they are also suitable for preconditioned cleaning.

Spray systems

Spray systems from Kärcher are used anywhere where wipe-down disinfecting is not possible, such as hard-to-reach areas (crevices) or large areas.

Scrubber dryers

For large areas of around 500 m² or more, we recommend manual wipe disinfection is supplemented with the use of a powerful scrubber dryer. The spray sanitation kit and integrated spray lance make it possible to disinfect those awkward-to-clean fittings such as rubbish bins, information boards, revolving doors, roller shutters and more.

High-pressure cleaners

High-pressure cleaners from Kärcher are the ideal tool for applying our Disinfectant Cleaner RM 732 and Disinfectant RM 735 to places such as restroom facilities and swimming pools, as well as commercial kitchens, cold stores and abattoirs. This method guarantees disinfection is fast and reliable.

Air purification and infection prevention through filtration

While surfaces of any kind can be sanitised and disinfected effortlessly and without problems using disinfectants or thermal disinfection devices, there is the particulate material contaminated with viruses in the ambient air, from which there is a further health hazard. Before viruses become bonded to dust particles and fall to the floor, they survive in the ambient air for hours and can therefore be breathed in by people.

Properties of infection prevention through filtration

High-performance air purifiers and vacuum cleaners from Kärcher, which are equipped with high-quality HEPA-14 filters, close an important gap in infection prevention. Air purifiers from Kärcher thus channel the ambient air several times an hour through the close-meshed HEPA-14 filter system, which reliably removes particles, particulate material and pathogens. The air cleaned in this way reduces the concentration of potentially infectious particulate material and viruses in the ambient air and keeps it at a low level.

Whereas vacuum cleaners with an HEPA-14 filter likewise remove the viruses bound to particles that have already fallen to the floor reliably and efficiently. Air purifiers and vacuum cleaners from Kärcher are suitable for use in all interior spaces of schools, offices, gastronomy, retail and of course also in doctor's practices.

Advantages of filtration

  • The close-meshed net of fibres in the HEPA-14 filter reliably traps even the smallest particles
  • Filters all pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria, mould spores, respirable particles and types of dust
  • Reduces the risk of infection from germs and aerosols

Solutions for air purification and infection prevention through filtration from Kärcher

Air purifiers

The AF 100 air purifier from Kärcher can be fitted with a HEPA-14 filter (verified to EN 1822 standard). This combination allows air to be exchanged six times per hour in rooms up to 35 m², filtering at least 99.995%* of potentially virus-laden aerosols out of the ambient air.

* At 2.5 metres ceiling height and change of air six times an hour. Multiple machines can be used as required for the total room size.

Vacuum cleaners

Kärcher dry vacuum cleaners such as the T 11/1 Classic HEPA or the T 10/1 Adv HEPA have an effective HEPA-14 filter, which reliably filters 99.995% of particles of bonded viruses (tested according to EN 1822/2019 and DIN EN 60335-2-69). They are also very quiet, making them suitable for places where noise needs to be kept to a minimum, such as hospitals or hotels.

Application advice – your tailored Kärcher hygiene solutions

1. Assess the hygiene risk in your property

A risk assessment forms the basis for the right solution to ensure infection prevention on site. The extent of the required cleaning and disinfection measures is determined and established in a needs-oriented manner here.


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2. Hygiene Solutions for your industry

Discover our holistic hygienic solutions for the facilities in your business environment. As part of our consulting service we support you on-site with the implementation of requirements for hygienic safety and infection prevention – with detailed and comprehensive training materials.

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