Scrubber drier KIRA B 50

Efficient, time-saving, easy, safe, flexible – and fully automated as desired: The KIRA B 50 scrubber drier robot for economical floor cleaning over medium to large areas.

The Kärcher KIRA B 50 cleaning robot is a practical addition to any cleaning team. Intelligently, autonomously and with the functionality of a scrubber drier, it takes on floor cleaning for medium to large areas efficiently and with consistent cleaning results, therefore relieving pressure on the cleaning team, who can instead focus on more challenging tasks. Intuitive user guidance with a large touch display allows the robot to be set up quickly, without the need for any expert knowledge. The optional docking station facilitates fully autonomous working, including refilling fresh water, emptying dirty water, rinsing the tank and charging the long-lasting lithium-ion battery. A roller brush head performs pre-sweeping and scrubbing in a single work step, while the integrated side brush eliminates the need for manual edge cleaning. High-performance sensors and software ensure navigation is reliable, collisions are safely prevented and obstacles avoided. For the purposes of documentation and monitoring, the KIRA B 50 sends status messages to mobiles devices, creating detailed cleaning reports in the corresponding web portal.

Features and benefits
Easy operation
  • Clearly organised, safe control of all device functions via the touch display.
  • Step-by-step user guidance for easy, intuitive operation.
  • Simple to set up and easy to use the robot without expert knowledge.
Robust and reliable navigation
  • High-performance sensors with 360° detection of the environment and lateral monitoring.
  • Safe avoidance of collisions and obstacle guide.
  • Intelligent free travel manoeuvres in the event of blockages.
Optional docking station
  • Allows fully autonomous operation through independent exchange of resources.
  • For water exchange, charging batteries and rinsing tank.
  • Operation of the cleaning robot also possible without optional docking station.
Integrated side brush
  • Enables thorough cleaning right up to the edge.
  • Transports dirt directly into the cleaning channel.
  • Reduces extra manual work to a minimum.
Certified safety
  • Detection of obstacles, individuals and crashes.
  • Safety certificate i.a.w. CSA_22.2 No. 336-17 and IEC 63327.
  • Suitable for operation in high-traffic areas.
Transparent web portal
  • Web-based access to detailed information remotely.
  • Cleaning reports, notifications and machine status at a glance.
  • Direct notifications on mobile devices of authorised individuals.

Technical data

Drive type Battery
Rated input power (W) 1600
Power traction motor (W) 560
Turbine capacity (W) 630
Motor rating of brush motor (W) 600
Working width of brushes (mm) 550
Brush contact pressure (g/cm²) 80
Brush rotational speed (rpm) 1350
Working width, vacuuming (mm) 750
Tank of fresh/dirty water (l) 55 / 55
Detergent tank (l) 5
Dirt hopper (l) 2
Theoretical area performance, autonomous (m²/h) max. 2365
Area performance per tank filling (m²) approx. 1830
Supply voltage (V) 24
Number of batteries 2
Battery type Li-Ion
Battery voltage/capacity (V/Ah) 24 / 160
Battery runtime (h) approx. 3,5
Battery charging time (h) max. 8
Speed, autonomous (km/h) max. 4,3
Climbing ability (%) max. 6
Aisle width, autonomous (m) min. 1
Weight, empty (kg) 228
Weight without accessories (kg) 225
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 235,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 247
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1100 x 750 x 1200


  • Battery and charger
  • Includes squeegee
  • Type of suction lips, oil-proof
  • Roller brush
  • Side brush
  • Flashing beacon
  • DOSE
  • with speed-dependent water dosing
  • Large, high-definition touch display
  • Docking-compatible
  • autonomous cleaning
  • with manual drive mode
  • Easy and intuitive set-up without the need for expert knowledge
  • High-performance sensors
  • obstacle and crash detection
  • autonomous swerving upon meeting obstacles
  • Safety certified for public areas
  • creation of cleaning reports
  • Notifications on mobile devices
  • Auto Fill
  • Coloured lights to display the robot's behaviour and operating status
  • Kärcher colour and operating concept
  • electrical and mechanical float switch
  • Detergent dosing
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Scrubber drier KIRA B 50
Application areas
  • Medium to large areas with hard or resilient floor coverings
  • Can be used where space is limited as well as in open spaces
  • Suitable for use in public spaces
  • Ideal in retail, healthcare settings and public facilities
  • Can be used in transport, industry and building cleaning