Our people make the difference

At Kärcher North America, our roots are global but we have a localized presence that is knowledgeable and accessible. Our history and our products are what we're known for, but we encourage you to take a look at the people that truly make a difference. This section features the people that work behind the scenes to create and develop the products you know and love.

Discover Karcher Customer Service

Customer Service

At Kärcher, customer focus is our top priority. Our customer service department can provide operating manuals, set you up with someone to provide demonstrations, fleet management and many other services. Our full staff of customer service representatives always has the customer in mind and is able to open and maintain customer accounts by recording account information. They can also assist with placement of orders, refunds, or exchanges. Our talented team is able to ensure excellent service standards and maintain high customer satisfaction.

Discover Karcher - Veronica

How do you make the Kärcher experience better for customers?

I care. I listen. I try to make our customers feel like their concerns are valid and no matter what I try to do it with a smile.

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

Kärcher is a name that is trusted and our products are #1 in the industry. I like being a part of a team that strives for excellence in all areas of the business. Seeing our products in hotels or local businesses is really kind of cool.

What is your customer service motto/#1 goal when dealing with customers?

I have a sign at my desk that reads “Customer Care…….. It’s not just what I say… it’s who I am” and I really do believe in doing just that. If I can provide a “one and done” experience for the customer then I will. I like to give the kind of service that I expect.

Discover Karcher Training


In today’s market, salespeople and technicians are faced with many challenges. Kärcher Academy's sales training teaches how to tackle the art of selling and repairing commercial cleaning equipment in the field by focusing on customer needs and matching them to solutions through Kärcher, Windsor Kärcher Group, and Landa equipment. Our classes are designed to be hands-on and interactive with attendees encouraged to exchange experiences and share tools that will fine-tune skills. Classes are designed for both rookies and veterans in the cleaning industry.

We bring our training attendees up to date on the latest cleaning technology, including aspects relating to cost-effectiveness, efficiency and environmental protection. Experienced advisors develop cleaning solutions for specific target groups with participants and are thus able to provide customers with expert advice. Theory and practice are taught in small training groups in modern facilities. This allows each participant to receive individual attention so that their unique questions can be answered. All participants receive a certificate following successful completion of the training in the subject area covered.

Discover Karcher - Jordan

How do you make the Kärcher experience better for customers?

By taking the time to listen to what their needs are from a training/learning perspective. I feel if I understand better what their challenges are I can tailor the Kärcher learning experience to what would help them in their day to day pursuits. Formerly being on the sales side has really helped because I have a couple of different perspectives to draw upon.

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

It's a wonderful experience to work for a globally recognized leader in our industry. Knowing that we have the people, products and information to help us carry our message forward is very important to us all. It gives me a tremendous sense of pride to be a part of this team.

What is your customer service motto/#1 goal when dealing with customers?

My wish for customers is they leave our interaction feeling better, stronger and more prepared to carry a positive message to their work scenarios. I want them to know that Kärcher and myself will go the extra distance to help them in their endeavors. I hope to provide answers about how they can clean their facilities more efficiently, with a better end result all the while the process being less fatiguing for operators.

Discover Karcher Sales


Kärcher brands have a variety of ways to reach the market. Whether you go to a Kärcher store or one of our brand dealerships, you will find knowledgeable sales associates who are there not just to see you the best equipment, but are there to work with you to find the best equipment for your job. We aren’t looking to make a sale, but to build a relationship. Those working to bring you together with your new machine know the equipment they sell, inside and out, and work with service techs that make sure you aren’t left hanging once you purchase our products.

Our sales and service techs go through impressive amounts of training to make sure they can guide you in the right direction so they are with you every step of the way.   You will also find Kärcher and several of its brands in some of the biggest chains in the country, including Costco and Home Depot. Wherever you look you can find Kärcher quality.

Discover Karcher - Jeff

How do you make the Kärcher experience better for customers?

By being a valuable resource to help my dealers. I strive to help them grow their business and become more profitable by providing them and their end-users solutions to their cleaning problems.

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

The relationships that I have developed over the years- both with the internal supporting staff within KNA and the dealer network, that many I consider friends that I just happen to work with.

What has been your most positive experience at Kärcher?

Three years ago I encouraged an entrepreneur to leave his job to open a Hotsy dealership. This dealership has grown dramatically over that time period and replaced an existing dealership that had a long history of underperformance.

Discover Karcher Marketing


Kärcher North America houses an impressive multi-talented marketing department. Their skills range from copywriters, graphic designers, database managers, email creators, and photographers. They spend ample time communicating between departments to ensure the information presented to our customers is accurate and what the customer needs.

Discover Karcher - Alexis

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

Working for Kärcher is like playing on a sports team. Of course we’re all in this together, but at Kärcher, everyone is passionate about our brand and believes in it. Everywhere you look, you see the Kärcher colors (we even have a black and yellow Christmas tree). We choose to wear Kärcher-branded clothing, we buy Kärcher products, and we follow Kärcher on social media. We are our own brand ambassadors.

What is your customer service motto/#1 goal when dealing with customers?

Although I rarely interface directly with our customers, I spend a lot of time trying to put myself in their shoes. That makes it easier to choose which creative thread to follow for an advertising campaign. Every single one of us is a customer and has experienced everything from overwhelming satisfaction to unwavering frustration, so if you empathize and ask yourself, “would I respond well to this?”, the solution becomes much clearer.

What has been your most positive experience at Kärcher?

I truly believe I work for some of the brightest and most talented people in this industry. I wouldn’t say one experience stands out above all others. What I find gratifying is working in an environment of mutual respect and appreciation—because of that, I’m granted quite a bit of creative freedom. As an artist, that combination is extremely hard to find in the professional world.

Discover Karcher Engineering


Since its beginnings as a value-oriented family business more than 80 years ago, Kärcher has developed into a global brand that places three strong attributes in the hands of its clients: top performance, innovation and quality. Kärcher's engineering department spans several continents. The entire team works together from concept to product in each of our facilities.

Discover Karcher - Justin

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

The best part of working for Kärcher is the people I work with. We are like one big family here in Camas. Also, I love to design and build the machines. It feels good to hear the feedback from the customers on the unit we produce in the Specials Dept.

What is your customer service motto/#1 goal when dealing with customers?

My # 1 goal when dealing with the customers is that I meet all of their expectations.

How do you make the Kärcher experience better for customers?

My most positive experience here at Kärcher are all of the positive opportunities that have been offered to me to move up in the company to my current role.

Discover Karcher Operations


Our operations team ensures our organization is running as well as it possibly can, with a smooth efficient service that meets the expectations and needs of customers and clients. The concepts of efficiency and effectiveness of any organization revolve around the operations management.

Discover Karcher - Laura

How do you make the Kärcher experience better for customers?

I am able to impact the customer experience by supporting Operations and their ability to deliver quality products, on time to the customer.

What is your customer service motto/#1 goal when dealing with customers?

My goal when working with customers is to listen, learn, and understand their needs/requirements, and to do everything within my power to exceed their expectations.

What is the best part about working for Kärcher?

The most positive experience during my time with Kärcher has been seeing how well the Camas team has responded to the announcement of the closure and relocation. They have continued to have a positive attitude and deliver/perform their jobs at a very high level every day.