Commercial and Industrial Floor Sweepers

When it comes to cleaning, no job is too big or too small for Kärcher commercial and industrial sweepers. Featuring a wide array of compact manual sweepers, walk-behind floor sweepers, ride-on floor sweepers, and highly robust industrial ride-on sweepers, we have the perfect machine to fit your needs. Fast brushes and high performance ensure cleanliness in no time at all. In addition, Kärcher floor sweepers are flexible in use, easy to handle, and provide perfect cleaning results – everywhere and anytime.

Which Floor Sweeper is Right For Me?

From compact manual sweepers to walk-behind and ride-on machines, to highly robust industrial ride-on sweepers, Kärcher has the perfect machine to fit your needs. Click the links below to learn more about each of our floor sweeper categories and find the equipment that meets your unique cleaning challenges.

Compact Sweepers

An excellent choice for discrete and quick interim cleaning - low noise levels allow for daytime cleaning of quick spills.

EB 30/1

Walk-Behind Floor Sweepers

Kärcher's walk-behind sweepers are ideal for cleaning areas up to 39,600 square feet per hour. Available in both manual or battery power, fully adjustable main brooms and dust-free operation.

CVS 65/1 Bp
KM 70/20 C
KM 70/20 C 2SB
KM 70/30 C Bp
KM 75/40 W Bp
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Ride-On Floor Sweepers

Available in battery, liquid propane gas (LPG) and diesel, these ride-on sweepers are capable of cleaning up to 238,800 square feet per hour. Each sweeper can easily be configured to match your cleaning requirement.

KM 85/50 R BP
KM 105/180 R Bp Classic
KM 100/120 R Bp
KM 130/300 R Bp
KM 150/500 R Bp
KM 170/600 R D Classic
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illustration of a floor sweeper in action

It's All in the Details

Every Kärcher sweeper features unique technology to make your job easier and save you both time and money.

  • Hit the ground running with EASY Operation.
    Prevent incorrect operation and extend the life of your sweeper with EASY Operation, Kärcher’s operating system featuring user controls with self-explanatory symbols. Included on all ride-on and most walk-behind sweepers.

  • Crescent side brushes make sweeping corners a breeze.
    Our patented crescent side brush allows for the perfect cleaning of corners in just one pass, saving you time. Featured on models KM 105 and KM 125.

  • Built to meet the three pillars of quality.
    We know flexibility, reliability and durability are three of the most important factors in a machine. That’s why we construct our sweepers with materials that are proven to last, with added features like portability and simple, one-step waste disposal.


Man cleans using a Kärcher walk-behind floor sweeper

What is a Floor Sweeper?

High Performance Sweeping: Commercial floor sweepers remove dirt of all kinds from interior and exterior surfaces. When in use, floor sweepers pick up dust and debris using a roller brush, and deposit it into a container (hopper) for ease of disposal. Some sweepers are equipped with a passive vacuum system to filter out fine particles for improved air quality.

How Do Floor Sweepers Work?

Different models require different sweeping principles.

illustration of the floor sweeper direct throw method

The Direct Throw Method

The Direct Throw sweeping method uses a cylindrical roller broom to sweep dirt into a forward-mounted hopper, utilizing 40-50% of the hopper's capacity.


  • Low-dust sweeping due to lower brush speeds and a short "sweep path"
  • Less brush wear
  • Ideal for expansive and heavy dirt as well as fine dust
illustration of floor sweeper overthrow method

The Overthrow Method

The Overthrow sweeping method utilizes a hidden, adjustable roller brush that rotates at high speeds, throwing dirt up and back into a trailing container, utilizing 85-100% of its capacity.


  • Container allows up to 100% fill level
  • Ideal for coarse and light dirt
  • Collects coarse dirt with ease using a coarse dirt flap
  • Good overview due to forward seating position

Cleaning Fact:

Studies show adding a sweeper to your exterior cleaning regimen reduces soil tracked indoors by up to 66%.

Man cleans a warehouse floor using a Kärcher ride-on floor sweeper

What Are the Areas of Application for Floor Sweepers?

One machine, many areas of application: commercial floor sweepers are used for larger interior and exterior surfaces. Compared to normal brooms, they remove stubborn dirt, dust and waste quickly and effectively – with minimal effort.

Typical areas of application for commercial floor sweepers include:

  • Warehouses and logistics facilities
  • Factories
  • Parking lots and loading ramps
  • Food and drink industry
  • Sport and leisure facilities
  • Steel and metal industry
  • Electronic industry
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical industry
  • Transport and transportation industry
  • Trade fair and conference centers

On Which Floors Can Floor Sweepers Be Used?

Different floor coverings and types of dirt also place different demands on the floor sweeper. The standard main sweeper roller is the usual choice and stands out with its flexibility and long lifetime. However, the same roller brush is not suitable for all floor coverings. This is why Kärcher offers various solutions to help you achieve optimal cleaning results.

Woman cleans artificial turf using a walk-behind floor sweeper

An Overview of the Various Roller Brushes

Standard main sweeper roller for Kärcher sweepers

Standard Main Sweeper Roller

  • Medium bristle hardness
  • Used for: normal street dirt, leaves or dusty environments on asphalt, screed or interlocking stones
Hard main sweeper roller for Kärcher sweepers

Main Sweeper Roller, Hard

  • Significantly harder bristles, some of which also have steel inserts
  • Used for: rough surfaces and stubborn dirt or heavy waste
Soft main sweeper roller for Kärcher sweepers

Main Sweeper Roller, Soft

  • Soft bristles
  • Used for: removing dirt and fine dust on smooth floors indoors
Anti-static main sweeper roller for Kärcher sweepers

Main Sweeper Roller, Anti-static

  • Soft bristles
  • Used for: efficient carpet cleaning at trade fairs or sport facilities and hotels, for example
  • The following models are recommended for cleaning carpets and artificial turf: KM 75/40 W, KM 85/50 R, KM 90/60 R Adv

Woman sitting on a Kärcher ride-on floor sweeper

What Area Performance Do Floor Sweepers Have?

Commercial floor sweeper performance varies and is dependent on model and equipment. An overview of the area cleaning performance (per hour) of the various floor sweepers can be seen in the table below.

Sweeper category

Industrial floor sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

72,700 – 238,800 sq.ft/hr

Sweeper category

Ride-on floor sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

54,900 – 58,125 sq.ft/hr

Sweeper category

Walk-behind floor sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

30,000 - 36,328 sq.ft/hr

Sweeper category

Compact floor sweepers

Area cleaning performance (per hour)

2500 sq.ft/hr

Advice, Sales and Service

Commercial floor sweepers are available at all Kärcher floor care specialist distributors. Stop by or call your nearest location to speak with a local floor care expert.


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