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Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that want to save time, money and hassle. Our walk-behind push sweepers and push vacuum sweepers are easy to operate, produce very little dust and are up to 12 times faster compared to sweeping with a broom. The machines are easy to maintain and minimize the strain of work thanks to their ergonomic design.

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Differences between push and walk-behind machines

Push vs motorized walk-behind sweepers: which is right for me? To answer this question, we have summarized the main deciding factors:

Drive type

Push sweepers are manually pushed along by the operators. They are light and easy to maneuver, since the user has control over the speed and the direction. Walk-behind sweepers require less physical effort than push sweepers. They are powered by a battery or engine.

Area coverage

Due to their manual operation as well as the smaller volume of the waste container, push sweepers are generally better suited for short periods of use. In contrast, walk-behind sweepers are a better choice for longer periods of operation, due to the larger volume of their waste containers. Plus, the traction drive of these sweepers reduces the physical effort required for sweeping.

Efficiency and speed

Push sweepers can be used effectively for smaller cleaning tasks. For larger areas, however, cleaning takes more time. When cleaning spaces of approximately 6,500 square feet or more, walk-behind sweepers are generally a faster and more efficient option.

Handling and transport

Both push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers are extremely agile and maneuverable due to their narrow machine width. Push sweepers, however, have an impressively low empty weight, making them very easy to transport.


Overall, push sweepers and walk-behind sweepers each offer specific advantages and disadvantages, depending on the requirements of the cleaning tasks at hand. Choosing the right one depends on factors such as the size of the area to be cleaned, the efficiency required and the budget available.

Kärcher KM 75/40 W

Cleaning Areas

Push sweepers are versatile cleaning machines that can cover an impressive range of applications. For areas measuring between 2,000 and 85,000 square feet, they offer an efficient solution for diverse cleaning needs. The area performance and the volume of dirt picked up vary depending on the machine and its specific configuration.

Street cleaning

Street cleaning is one of the main applications for push sweepers. They are extremely effective at removing dirt, leaves, sand and other debris from roads, sidewalks and parking lots. The machines cover large areas effortlessly and simplify the cleaning process considerably.

Industrial facilities

In industrial facilities, sweepers play a major role in cleanliness and safety in the workplace. In factories, warehouses, logistics centers and other production sites, they remove dust, chips and debris. This not only creates a pleasant working environment, but also minimizes potential hazards.

Public parks and open spaces

Sweepers are also frequently used in public parks and open spaces. They keep parks, playgrounds and sports facilities clean by picking up leaves, grass, litter and other waste. This helps to keep these sites clean and appealing to visitors.

Shopping centers and parking lots

Shopping centers and parking lots also benefit from the advantages of sweepers. The high foot traffic and vehicle activity can create a lot of dirt and dust. Sweepers offer an efficient solution to keep these areas clean and improve their appearance.

In addition to the applications mentioned, sweepers are also used by trade professionals, manufacturing companies and even service stations. Their versatility and efficiency make them indispensable tools to ensure a clean and well-maintained environment in multiple different situations.

Advantages of a sweeper compared to a broom

Compared to a broom, a push sweeper presents a whole host of advantages. The major difference is without a doubt the speed. A push sweeper does the job up to 12 times faster than a broom – saving you time and money.

Plus, sweeping with a broom is often physically demanding and tiring. The simple handling and ergonomic design of our machines ensure that work is easy and your back is protected. With a motorized walk-behind sweeper, you can minimize the strain of cleaning further still.

Another advantage of a push sweeper is that far less dust is dispersed during the cleaning process. When sweeping with a broom, dust whips up into the air uncontrollably, whereas when using a push sweeper, dust is channeled directly into the dust container. Not only is this a great health benefit, by virtue of improving the air quality and minimizing allergic reactions, but it also protects surfaces from harmful dust build-up.

Compared to a broom, the main plus points of a push sweeper are speed, improved ergonomics, reduced workload and less dust dispersion.

Kärcher KM 70/30 C


Productivity and efficiency

As an operator, you benefit from the productivity advantage of our push sweepers and vacuum sweepers even when dealing with only small areas. You save time and money, while also protecting your back thanks to the ergonomic design.

A worker sweeps carpet with the Kärcher KM 85/50 W

Simple operation, simple maintenance

What sets our machines apart is their ultra-simple operation and robust construction. In addition to user-friendliness, the push sweepers from Kärcher are also popular for their hassle-free maintenance. Wear parts such as the sweeper roller, the side brush and the filter can be replaced quickly and effortlessly, which saves time and money in the maintenance of these machines.

Kärcher KM 75/40 W

Low initial investment

The low initial investment pays for itself in several ways. The efficient cleaning performance reduces the working time, meaning the costs are paid off in a very short time. These economic benefits make the purchase of a push sweeper extremely cost-effective.

Kärcher KM 70/25 C

Sustainable cleaning and durability

Kärcher sweepers also perform well in terms of sustainability. They are designed and built to be robust, offering an impressively long service life. Even after years of intensive use, they still function reliably and effectively. What's more, they can be repaired without issue. Wear parts such as the main brush and the side brush can be replaced and adjusted without much work. The sweepers from Kärcher use fewer resources for cleaning, since sweeping uses neither water nor chemicals. Sophisticated filter systems reliably filter out fine dirt, minimizing the impact of dust on the environment. This not only helps to protect the environment, but also creates a pleasant and healthy working atmosphere.

Kärcher KM 70/20 C


Advice, Sales and Service

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