We produce the vast majority of our spare parts in-house so that we can guarantee you Kärcher quality and maximum availability without making any compromises.


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Order your spare part simply and conveniently in our online shop. Select spare parts should only be installed by qualified and trained specialists. Please note the warranty conditions.

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What is the part number on the nameplate of your device (1.xxx-xxx.0)?
Karcher Ratings Plate Example Square Image

Example nameplate

Your Kärcher product will have a silver nameplate located on the body of the device, similar to the one shown here. It may be on the bottom, rear or behind a removeable tank, for example. The part number follows the naming convention of 1.xxx-xxx.0. 

In the example shown here, the part number is 1.516-300.0.

Is your part number not available? Contact one of our retail partners for a wider selection:

OrderTree: (877) 500-7499, www.ordertree.com

Ereplacementparts: 877-346-4815, www.ereplacementparts.com