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Our electric brooms quickly sweep your home's hardwood floors, stairs and rugs. These lightweight, cordless sweepers pick up pet hair and dirt much more quietly than a vacuum. Perfect for everyday floor cleaning!

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Electric Brooms: Quicker to hand than a vacuum cleaner

Who hasn't been confronted with situations like this: you've barely finished vacuuming and there are already crumbs on the floor again. The cordless electric broom from Kärcher is the ideal everyday companion for cleaning here and there – without having to drag out the vacuum cleaner.

The cordless electric broom is perfect for everyday cleaning. It is small, lightweight, quiet and easy to operate – and can be used throughout the home. Thanks to its compact shape and modern cordless design, the electric broom can be stored in a space-saving manner and is always ready for use.

Advantages of Kärcher Electric Brooms

One device, many cleaning options

Leftover food on the floor? Dirty rugs? The electric broom is a genuine all-rounder and can be used on all hard floors such as wood, laminate and tiles, as well as on low-pile rugs and carpets. Its performance speaks for itself: dirt is completely removed rather than being pushed around, and the same applies to rugs and carpets with a pile height of up to ⅓ of an inch. The brush penetrates deep into the fibers and thus sweeps reliably and efficiently.

Kärcher cordless electric broom

Strong performance in the smallest space

The KB 5's innovative Adaptive Cleaning System guarantees first-class cleaning results: the flexible movable sweeping rim, optimal dirt guidance and special cleaning brush transport the dirt safely into the waste container without leaving any residue behind or dispersing dust into the air.

Kärcher cordless electric broom

Always ready for the next job

The KB 5 cordless electric broom impresses with its lithium-ion battery and a battery run time of up to 30 minutes on hard floors. This means that you can sweep your floors in an instant – with optimal freedom of movement and no annoying cable or searching for a power outlet.

Kärcher cordless electric broom

What the media are saying about Kärcher electric brooms

USA Today/Reviewed

KB 5 Electric Broom


"The Karcher KB5 shows us what German engineering can do. It has a lithium-ion battery and a motor that automatically starts when you push the handle."


Dirt (and cat litter and dog food) begone!

Living with a pet also means that dirt spreads quicker around the home – even when you have just swept and cleaned. Small crumbs and loose pet hairs are particularly stubborn in carpets and door mats. A traditional broom doesn't help here. What can come to your rescue?

The Kärcher cordless electric broom. With it, you can clean dirty areas quickly and efficiently – and remove larger items like cat litter and dog food with ease. Litter and pet food can sometimes be too large for the roller on a vacuum. It's no problem for the KB 5!

The KB 5: The Best Way to Sweep Floors

Extraordinary cleaning performance in a lightweight design

The innovative Kärcher Adaptive Cleaning System delivers brilliant cleaning results. Thanks to the movable sweeping edge, optimal dirt guidance and special cleaning brush, dirt is moved into the waste container without getting into the air or leaving traces behind.

Karcher KB5 Electric Broom Swiveling Head
Karcher KB5 Electric Broom Has Auto-Start
Karcher KB5 Electric Broom Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
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Frequently Asked Questions

An electric broom offers the following advantages over a regular broom:

  • Sweep more quickly: An electric broom can easily cut your sweeping time in half. 
  • Sweep under furniture: Sweeping under a sofa or bed can be difficult (if not impossible) with a regular broom. An electric broom with a swivel head can easily clean these difficult-to-reach areas. 
  • Less effort and strain: The motor on an electric broom does all of the sweeping for you. You simply need to guide the broom over the floors you want to clean. 
  • Easier on your back: No bending is required to collect or empty the dirt – an electric broom sweeps the dirt directly into a container that is easy to remove and empty. 
  • No dirt contact: With a traitional broom and dustpan, dust and other objects can spill out while you're carrying or emptying the dustpan. With an electric broom, you never come into contact with the dirt. The dirt container is open on only one end, so that emptying it into the trash is easy and doesn't make a mess.

An electric broom is ideal for quick pickups and offers these benefits:

  • Quick to use: An electric broom takes up so little space that most people store it in a kitchen or hall closet. There are no cumbersome cords, attachments or heavy pieces involved. The electric broom is ready to go, simply pull back the handle to start sweeping.
  • Light weight and easy to use: A cordless electric broom is so light weight that most anyone (including kids and seniors) can hold and operate it. Unlike heavy vacuums, an electric broom requires minimal effort to carry and push.
  • Clean under furniture: Unlike many vacuums, the handle on our electric broom can fold all the way down to the floor, allowing you to easily clean under beds, sofas and other low furniture. 
  • Low noise: Kärcher's KB 5 electric broom meets the standards for QuietMark®  – ensuring minimal noise during operation. In fact, many customers report that the KB 5 makes so little noise that it does not disturb dogs and other pets – something that usually can not be said for vacuums! 
  • Battery-powered cleaning freedom: No need to fuss with long, tangly cords – an electric broom's cordless operation means complete cleaning freedom. 

NOTE: Electric brooms are not well suited for carpet cleaning – we recommend using a vacuum to clean carpets and deep-pile rugs. Many customers tell us they use an electric broom for quick pickups and daily sweeping duties, then use a vacuum or stick vacuum for a weekly deep clean. 

The KB 5 is made in a Kärcher manufacturing plant in Germany.

Yes, the brush can be easily removed for cleaning, in the event hair, string or other objects become entwined in the bristles. The brush slides out, similar to how the dirt container slides out.

The Kärcher KB 5 cordless broom sweeps an area 8.25" wide.

The KB 5 ships in a compact box in order protect the pieces and reduce shipping costs. Some assembly is required before you use it the first time. Please see the assembly instructions in the owner's manual or refer to the sequence shown here.

Karcher KB 5 Electric Broom How to Assemble

The KB 5 has a green indicator light that will blink while the broom is charging. When fully charged, the green light (shown here) will stop blinking.

Karcher KB 5 Electric Sweeper Charging Indicator Light

It depends on how much charge is remaining in the battery, but completely drained the battery will take around 3 hours to fully recharge.

The KB 5 electric broom uses an advanced rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is designed to last the lifetime of the product, so it never needs to be changed.

The version of the KB 5 sold in the USA was created specifically for the US market and includes a charger with a US plug.

Cleaning and care

KB 5 emptying

  • Quick removal of brush and waste container

  • Easy emptying with no contact with dirt

  • Effortless cleaning of universal brush

Why choose Kärcher electric brooms?

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