Cordless electric brooms

Faster than a vacuum - more convenient than a brush. Cordless electric brooms are used wherever vacuuming is less suitable and conventional sweeping is difficult. Ideal for occasional cleaning of carpets, laminate or tiles. Without disturbing cord and unnecessary bending!

Kärcher Faster than a vacuum - more convenient than a brush.
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Before dirt really starts to get on your nerves, the cordless electric broom provides a quick and convenient remedy. The height-adjustable and tiltable telescopic handle makes it possible to sweep floors clean in no time, even under very low furniture.

  • Power on by pulling back the handle
  • Removable sweeping container
  • Flexible uses thanks to battery technology
  • Telescopic handle with parking position
  • Ergonomic design
KB5 Empty Container

Easy-empty container

Quickly remove and empty the sweeping container without coming into contact with the dirt.

KB5 Cleans Under Furniture

Sweep under furniture

Clean under furniture, in tight corners and other hard to reach areas

KB5 Pull Handle to Power On

Pull back handle to turn on

No need to look for a power switch – simply pull back the handle to start the sweeper.

KB5 Small Footprint Storage

Small storage footprint

Upright parking position for easy, no-fuss storage that takes up minimal space.