Kärcher's space-saving wet/dry vacuums clean homes, shops and cars with ease. Thanks to top-mounted filters, you can quickly switch from dry to wet cleaning without removing the filter. Designed in Germany. Made in Europe (except WD 1).

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Wet or dry – it doesn't matter: The powerful WD range vacuums any kind of dirt. Discover the Kärcher vacuums that can do it all. Their high suction power and rapid, residue-free dirt removal on all floor surfaces will bring back the WOW in and around your home. Whether for wet dirt or dry dirt, the WD with its various accessories is a reliable ally.

Diverse application possibilities

Multifunctionality is ingrained in the DNA of our wet and dry vacuum cleaners. These strong multi-taskers get cleaning done, in the cellar, the garage, your hobby workshop or the garden. For renovation work, vacuuming the car, getting rid of shards or spilled water. It doesn’t matter whether the dirt is dry, wet, coarse or fine – these powerful devices even deal reliably with large amounts of water.

Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Superior cleaning performance and suction power

Where conventional household vacuum cleaners struggle, Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners really get going. With powerful suction combined with outstanding energy efficiency, wet and dry vacuum cleaners provide ideal dirt pick-up thanks to perfectly coordinated devices and accessories, achieving quick and thorough cleaning results. Using the suction tool when sawing, sanding and much more reduces exposure to dust and dirt, keeping your workspace clean.

Kärcher multi-purpose vacuum cleaners

Even more convenience

Next-level convenience: the compact design takes little space to store. It allows the hose and accessories to be stored directly on the device. Innovative filter designs make the wet and dry vacuum cleaners convenient to use – without any contact with dirt at all. What's more, their long lifetimes thanks to a high level of quality and robustness set the wet and dry vacuum cleaners apart.

Compact wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Comparison Chart: WD 6 P S, WD 5 P, WD 4 and WD 3 Wet Dry Vacuums

WD 6 P S

WD 5 P

WD 4

WD 3

Part Number





Filter Type

Flat-Pleated Cartridge

Flat-Pleated Cartridge

Flat-Pleated Cartridge

Round Cartridge

Filter Location





Total Capacity

7.9 Gallons

6.6 Gallons

5.3 Gallons

4.5 Gallons


11A (max 15A)

10A (max 15A)



Air Flow

76 CFM

78 CFM

Hose Length

11.5 ft

11.5 ft

7.2 ft

6.7 ft

Hose Diameter

1.38 inches

1.38 inches

1.38 inches

1.38 inches

Semi-Automatic Filter Cleaning





Blower Function





Power Tool Outlet (≤6A; max 15A for vac + outlet) and Adapter





Included Accessories: filter; filter bag (for fine dust); suction hose; suction tubes (2); floor nozzle; crevice nozzle





Onboard Accessory Storage





Power Cord

26 ft

26 ft

26 ft

20 ft


21.9 pounds

19.2 pounds

17.9 pounds

10.8 pounds

Made In

Europe (Romania)

Europe (Romania)

Europe (Romania)

Europe (Romania)


Two-Year Limited

Two-Year Limited

Two-Year Limited

Two-Year Limited

Water Resistance Rating










See what others are saying about Kärcher Wet/Dry Vacs

Trusted Reviews

WD 4 Wet/Dry Vacuum

"Top cleaning power for wet and dry spills alike" 

"In our tests, it coped with wet spills and DIY dust, as well as powering through our standard hard floor and carpet tests. If you're looking for a versatile vacuum cleaner for a variety of jobs, this is the model for you."

Pro Tool Reviews

WD 5 Wet/Dry Vacuum

"Best Overall Design"

"Design considerations like a filter cleaning mechanism and outside filter access cost more to make and Karcher is a step ahead of the rest in overall quality."

Popular Woodworking

 WD 5/P Wet/Dry Vacuum

"All in all, the Karcher WD 5/P absolutely hits the goldilocks mark: efficiently blending an affordable price, household functionality, and all of the features a woodworker looks for in a dust collector into one great package."

The Strategist (New York Magazine)

NT 30/1 Tact L

"The Best Wet/Dry Vacs, According to Experts"

"It’s sleek and very powerful for its size (150 cfm), has a great filter, is easy to maneuver, and comes with tons of tools."


The robust Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners don’t hold back. They remove dry dirt just as effectively as wet dirt, and even large amounts of liquid are no problem.

Kärcher WD 5 P S

Car cleaning

Clean your car thoroughly with a Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Its extensive range of accessories allows you to clean between seats and places that are difficult to reach.

Kärcher WD 5 P S


The Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also manage coarse rubble. The innovative filter system and consistently high suction power simplify the cleaning process and make it possible to work with low energy consumption. Even wet or damp rubble does not pose a problem.

Kärcher WD 3 P S


Convenient dust removal for woodwork and work in the workshop. On models with a built-in power outlet, electric devices can be plugged directly into the wet and dry vacuum cleaner, which vacuums wood chips automatically as soon as you begin sawing.

Kärcher WD 2

Liquids and shards

With our wet and dry vacuum cleaners, the name speaks for itself. Broken drinking bottles, small puddles or damp dirt are no problem at all, thanks to the high suction power, robust container and option to vacuum without a filter bag.

Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Leaked or spilled water

Large puddles have a variety of causes, yet in each case can be removed thoroughly with a Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner. The large container ensures you can vacuum for long periods, as well as pick up large accumulations of water swiftly and effortlessly.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners with blower function


A wet and dry vacuum cleaner is a real help, even in the garden. Easily vacuum small twigs, gravel, leaves, or blow them aside using the blower function.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners for outside areas

Outside area

Patios, garages, house entrances and stairs are clean again in no time with the wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners for inside areas

Inside area

WDs can be used just like normal vacuum cleaners for vacuuming in living spaces, offering the best cleaning results thanks to special accessories, such as the carpet nozzle.

Why choose wet/dry vacuums from Kärcher?

Karcher Wet Dry Vacs Have Easy Filter Changing
Karcher WD Wet Dry Vacs Permit Dry and Wet Cleaning with the Filter In
Karcher Wet Dry Vacs Semi-Automatic Filter Cleaning
Karcher Small Wet Dry Vacs Easy to Empty

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner filter cleaning work?

How do you replace a cartridge filter (WD 2 – WD 3)?

How do you replace a flat pleated filter (WD 4 – WD 6)?

How do you put a filter bag in Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners (WD 2 – WD 6)?

How do you store the hose on the Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner (WD 3 – WD 6)?

You may have noticed that wet/dry vacuums seem to be growing in size – getting more bulky and unwieldy each year. Many customers tell us they thought they wanted an extra-large vacuum ... until they owned one.

Supersized wet/dry vacs take up a lot of precious garage space. Even worse, if you actually fill them up (especially with water or fluids) they can be quite difficult to empty, especially without getting you wet or dirty in the process.

Kärcher wet/dry vacuums take a different approach. They offer these unique advantages due to their compact size:

  • Easy to empty, even when full: The manageable canister size, combined with an ergonomic handle, make Kärcher wet/dry vacs extremely easy to lift, tilt and empty.
  • More useable space in the canister: Because the filter is located overhead, and not taking up space in the canister, Kärcher wet/dry vacs allow you to use a greater percentage of the waste container.
  • Small storage footprint: Garage space is always at a premium – our compact wet/dry vacs deliver the same suction power as larger units, but without taking up as much real estate in the garage.

Kärcher WD 4 and WD 5/P wet dry vacuums are designed in Germany and manufactured at our plant in Europe (Romania).

The Kärcher WD 5/P wet and dry vac has semi-automatic filter cleaning.

What is semi-automatic filter cleaning? It's a push button that cleans the filter for you. Simply press the button three times to make the dirt and debris on the filter fall down into the canister.

It's never been so easy to clean the filter on a home wet and dry vacuum!


There are many benefits of having a smaller 5-gallon or 6-gallon tank on a wet/dry vacuum:

  • Space saving: takes up less space in your garage
  • Easier to empty: 5 gallons of water is much easier to empty than 14 gallons, which weighs over 100 pounds!
  • Convenient to transport: our wet/dry vacs are light and easy to fit in most trunks or cargo areas 

Kärcher WD models (without accessories) weigh:

WD 4: 16.3 pounds
WD 5/P: 19.8 pounds

Kärcher WD 4 and WD 5/P wet dry vacs include the following accessories:

  • Filter bag
  • Flat filter
  • Suction hose
  • Suction tubes (2) (3.2 feet each)
  • All purpose nozzle
  • Wet/dry floor nozzle (with inserts)
  • Crevice nozzle

Additionally, the WD 5/P includes:

  • Power tool adapter

Since our filters are positioned overhead (unlike many competitors that place the filter inside the waste container), you can use a greater percentage our container capacity for actual wet/dry pickup:

WD 4: max 3.4 gallons useable wet/dry capacity
WD 5/P: max 4.2 gallons useable wet/dry capacity

The estimated running amp draw (and max amp draw) for each vac is:

WD 4: 9A (max 15A)
WD 5/P: 10A, plus up to 6A for the power outlet (max 15A total)

The sound pressure level generated by each model is:

WD 4: 74 dB(A)
WD 5/P: 73 dB(A)

Blower function by Kärcher model:

WD 4: No
WD 5/P: Yes

No – at this time Kärcher does not offer these models for sale in the US.

At the moment Kärcher sells the following two models in the US:

Please also note that the US-version of the WD 5 has been discontinued.

Should we add other Kärcher models to the US range in the future, they will be included on this page. 

Not yet

But stay tuned ... if we add these products to our wet/dry vacuum range in the future, we'll include them on this page. 

Accessories for Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Wet and dry vacuum cleaner accessories: more practical, more thorough

Looking for accessories specially developed for Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners? From replacement filters to add-on kits, we've got you covered.

Genuine Kärcher wet and dry vacuum accessories

Looking for a professional wet/dry vacuum?

Our professional team has an incredible deal running right now - save over 50% off the MSRP for these top notch pro-level wet/dry vacs with HEPA filtration on two models! Priced as marked. While supplies last.

Why Kärcher?

German Engineering. Quality Tested.
Karcher Rapid Exchange Program