Gas Pressure Washers

Kärcher residential gas-powered pressure washers are ideal for cleaning everything from small homes to large estates. Choose from models with Kärcher, Honda® or Kohler® engines in a wide range of performance specs. Designed and made in North America. 

Karcher Gas Pressure Washer Cleans Home Entrance

Performance Driven Gas Pressure Washers with Kärcher KPS and KXS® Engines

Equipped with Kärcher engines, these pressure washers are easy to start and maintain, and come with a generous 3 year engine / 2 year pump warranty. Rated 2700 - 3200 PSI, 2.4 GPM. 

Powered by Honda Pressure Washers, with GC and GX Engines

If you're looking for a pressure washer with a Honda engine, we've got you covered. As the world’s largest engine manufacturer, Honda supplies a wide range of options for pressure cleaning. We proudly offer high-end pressure washers that are powered by Honda GC and GX engines. These robust pressure washers include the original engine warranty from Honda.

Kärcher + Kohler Pressure Washers, A Winning Combination

Kohler has long been known as a manufacturer of high performance, easy to use engines – we are pleased to offer models with the Kohler RH 265 gas engine. RH engines from Kohler feature Accu-Fill™ fuel tanks to reduce spills and an all-in-one throttle/choke/shutoff control lever that makes starting and stopping easier.

Industry-leading features of Kärcher cold water gas pressure washers

Triplex Pump Pressure Washer

Pump Options

Choose from maintenance-free axial cam pumps or seriously rugged triplex pumps. Whatever your cleaning need or budget, we've got you covered.

Welded Steel Frame

Welded Steel Frames

Unlike cheaper riveted frames on competing units, our Kärcher gas powered pressure washers feature heavy-duty welded steel frames that are built to last.

Home Garden Pressure Washer Jeep

VersaGRIP Trigger Gun

Select models include Kärcher's patented VersaGRIP trigger gun, which offers dual triggers and a shoulder stock to help reduce fatigue.

Pressure Washer Folding Handle

Compact Storage

Select models feature folding handles for more compact storage when not in use. We know your garage space is limited! 

KXS Honda and Kohler Engines

Your Choice of Engine Brand and Size

Choose from Kärcher KXS, Honda and Kohler engines, in sizes ranging from 187cc to 390cc. All engines are covered by their manufacturers' warranty. All are CARB compliant. 

Five minute pressure washer set up

Minimum Hassle - Set Up in 5 Minutes or Less

Our gas powered models with never-flat wheels can be assembled and ready to use in five minutes or less. (Models with pneumatic tires require additional time) 

What can I clean with a Kärcher gas pressure washer?

Frequently Asked Questions


All of our residential gas powered pressure washers have 4-stroke engines, so you should not mix oil with the gas. Simply use your favorite brand of unleaded gasoline with your Kärcher gas powered pressure washer.

NOTE: you do need to properly fill the engine's oil reservoir with the included engine oil (please consult the owner's manual), but it should not be mixed with the gasoline.

To clean with detergents:

  • (models with detergent tank) Fill the detergent tank with properly diluted soap/detergent
  • (models without detergent tank) Insert the detergent siphon hose into a bucket filled with properly diluted soap/detergent
  • Attach the black detergent nozzle to the spray wand (required step!)
  • Press the trigger gun to begin spraying soap/detergent (note: detergents are always applied at lower pressure)

To switch back to cleaning with water:

  • Remove the black detergent nozzle and insert any of the other nozzles

If your model has a detergent tank, remember to clean it out when you are finished pressure washing. 

There are many brands and formulas available – just be sure to only use detergents that are specifically formulated to work with pressure washers. We make two formulas that are thoroughly tested to work with our high pressure cleaners: a Multipurpose Detergent and a Vehicle Wash & Wax. These formulas make up to 20 gallons of ready-to-use detergent from one gallon of concentrate and are Made in the USA.

Our gas powered washers are equipped with either a detergent tank or siphon hose, to make working with detergents easy and convenient. 

Tip: NEVER run bleach through the detergent tank or siphon nozzle. It can damage the pump and will void your warranty.


These are residential high pressure cleaners designed to work with your home’s tap water. The water temperature should not exceed 122℉ (140℉ on the 3500-4000 PSI models). Use of hot water (e.g., from a water heater) will damage a residential pressure washer's pump.

For most homes it is not necessary to clean with hot water. Use detergents instead to help loosen dirt and grime, if needed.

If you absolutely need to clean with hot water, please consider one of our commercial hot water models.

Our gas powered high pressure cleaners are available directly from Kärcher here on our site, and are seasonally available in select stores including Aubuchon, Runnings, Rural King and others. Please call ahead to confirm with your favorite retailer.

Online our gas pressure washers are also available from:

  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's
  • Pressure Washers Direct
  • Walmart



While pressure washers deliver up to 4000 psi, accessories can make certain cleaning tasks easier and also help you clean more thoroughly. Here are our top recommendations:

Garden hose:

There is no need to buy a special garden hose. A regular, good quality garden hose with these specs is ideal:

  • Preferably 5/8" or larger diameter (5/8" is the most common hose diameter in the US)
  • 50 Feet or less in length

A hose with these specifications should deliver the necessary water flow. Most homes will already have one or more of these.

You do need to have sufficient a water flow rate from your outdoor spigots – see the next question for more details.

Water pressure:

Any regular residential water supply is fine (city or well water). For optimum results, you should have a water flow of 4 gallons per minute at a minimum of 40 PSI. Most homes in the U.S. will meet this requirement.

To find out your home's water flow rate: 

  • connect your garden hose to an outside spigot
  • insert the other end of the hose into a 5 gallon bucket
    turn the water spigot fully on
  • allow the water to run into the bucket for one minute, then switch it off
  • see how much water is in the bucket. It should be at least four gallons or more.


Most people use the words interchangeably. In the past the term power washer was sometimes used to indicate pressure cleaning with hot water, or used in conjunction with electric powered models, but these days most consumers understand the terms "pressure washer" and "power washer" to mean the same thing. 

You may also hear Europeans use the term high pressure cleaner, which is also the same thing. 

Overall the most popular term you're likely to hear and read in the US is pressure washer

The engines we source from Honda and Kohler come with their original warranty intact. The Honda GC, Honda GX or Kohler RH warranty will cover those engines should you ever need in-warranty engine repairs. Our engine warranty info by brand:

Kärcher Pressure Washers:

  • Kärcher KXS engines ship with a 3 year limited warranty from Kärcher

Our Powered by Honda Pressure Washers:

Kärcher + Kohler Pressure Washers

  • Kohler RH265 engines ship with a 2 year limited warranty from Kohler

The rest of the machine (pump, frame, etc.) is warrantied by Kärcher on all of our residential gas pressure washers.

Yes – except gas.

All of the basic accessories (trigger gun, high pressure hose, spray wand, spray nozzles, etc.) are included, as well as a bottle of engine oil. You need only supply gas (unleaded). 

Many users find that adding specialized accessories or detergents helps them clean more quickly and thoroughly – those items can be purchased separately.

For most homeowners, an axial cam pump is a solid, economical choice.

An axial cam direct drive pump is often the best choice for residential use. If you intend to use a pressure washer to regularly clean one or a few homes, an axial cam pump will deliver more than enough pressure (PSI) and at a good price.

All of our residential gas powered models up to 3200 PSI have axial cam pumps.

For heavy-duty users, or those who insist on having the most durable parts, consider a triplex pump.

Triplex pumps are made of more durable components and have three pistons (the "tri" in triplex). They can output higher pressure (PSI) than axial cam pumps, and in general will last longer, especially if used frequently. Due to their more durable components and design, they are more expensive to produce. 

Our models rated 3500-4000 PSI feature triplex pumps:



All of the engines (Kärcher, Honda and Kohler) on Kärcher Home & Garden pressure washers are CARB compliant and can ship to California. 

Whether you are looking for a pressure washer with a Honda engine, Kohler or Kärcher engine, rest assured that all of our residential gas pressure washers are CARB compliant. We're doing our part to promote fresher and cleaner air!

Please see our Pressure Washer Spray Guns page for a complete list of our residential trigger guns and compatibility information.

Why choose Kärcher gas pressure washers?

German Engineering. Quality Tested.
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Karcher Gas Pressure Washer Cleans Wood Deck

Gas vs Electric: Which is the best home pressure washer?

Some advantages typical of gas powered pressure washers (compared to electric) include:

  • Higher pressure output (PSI)
  • Can be operated without an electrical source
  • Frames and components made of more durable materials
  • Triplex pumps and pro/semi-pro options
  • More service options for extended life

Some potential tradeoffs of gas powered pressure washers (compared to electric) include:

  • More expensive / higher initial investment
  • Generate fumes and more noise
  • Require more effort to start and maintain
  • Require greater care when cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Heavier and take up more storage space

These pros and cons make general assumtions, each model will have its unique advantages and features. Both gas and electric pressure washers are capable of most home cleaning tasks, but where appropriate a gas power washer may reduce your overall cleaning time, especially for areas with deeper stains and embedded grime. Also, if you prefer using gas-powered outdoor power equipment, you'll likely appreciate the performance of a gas pressure washer. 

Note: If you plan to frequently clean vehicles, we recommend using an electric model for that task.

Our bestselling accessories for gas powered pressure washers

Accessories can help reduce your overall cleaning time and deliver more consistent, professional cleaning results.