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You know keeping facilities clean is a lot of work. With our autonomous machines, you can easily offload some of your most time-consuming tasks, and focus more time on higher-value projects. Introducing the next generation of floor care, KIRA (Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications) floor cleaning machines. These machines are ready to handle real-world environments flawlessly. With their autonomous operation, you can trust KIRA machines to get the job done right with minimal supervision.

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KIRA Robotic Cleaning Solutions - Automate & Conquer

Robotic Cleaning Solutions

The revolution in autonomous floor cleaning is here. Introducing the next generation of KIRA (Kärcher Intelligent Robotic Applications) floor cleaning machines – the autonomous KIRA CV 60/1 Robotic Vacuum and KIRA B100 R Robotic Floor Scrubber. Equipped with BrainOS®, these machines are ready to handle real world environments flawlessly. With their autonomous operation, you can trust KIRA machines to get the job done right – even when you’re not around.

Kärcher KIRA commercial robotic vacuum maneuvering around chair

Increased Productivity

  • Perfect cleaning route every time
  • Clean large scale areas without supervision
  • Cloud based AI constantly learns and improves performance
Front photo of the KIRA B 100 autonomous floor scrubber.

Peace of Mind

  • Smart Detection System safely avoids people and obstacles
  • Over 80+ billion sq. ft. safely cleaned
  • Machine defaults to safe distance from walls and objects
A worker moves in front of a KIRA B 100 autonomous floor scrubber.

Return on Investment*

  • Improved consistency and coverage result in an increased ability to meet the scope of work and customer satisfaction
  • Average of $20,000 less in operational overhead (i.e. medical insurance, life emergencies, turnover)
The image shows the KIRA B 100 robotic floor scrubber's easy to understand dashboard.

Simple Controls

  • Monitor all machine functions in manual or autonomous modes
  • One simple button to actuate all cleaning functions to the floor
  • Settings easily adjusted individually in manual
Indicators and lights help to prevent accidents.

Unmatched Safety

  • Key can be removed while autonomous function is in use to ensure only authorized personnel can operate the machine
  • Easy-to-see indicators and lights
A well-lit LCD panel allows the machine operator to develop a cleaning route.

Cloud Connected LCD Interface

  • Switch between autonomy and manual functions with a simple touch
  • Teach and store multiple routes simultaneously
  • Receive real-time reporting with any smartphone

The Support You Need To Get Started With Robotic Cleaning

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On-site Setup

Getting started is easy with our on-site setup and training.

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Ongoing Training

Access to valuable training videos lead by industry experts.

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Software Subscription

Receive 3-year subscription to software and autonomy services.

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Service Plan

Our 3-year Kärcher Service Plan includes parts, labor and travel** with two Preventative Maintenance visits per year.***

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KIRA B 100 Robotic Scrubber

KIRA B 100 Robotic Floor Scrubber

This robotic scrubber autonomously cleans large areas and specified routes quickly and safely, sensing and avoiding people and obstacles. Let your team focus on what they do best while the KIRA B 100 R takes care of the floors.

Learn More about KIRA B 100

KIRA CV 60-1 Robotic Vacuum

KIRA CV 60/1 Robotic Vacuum

The first autonomous robotic vacuum of its kind, the Kärcher KIRA CV 60/1 helps you clean smarter than ever before. Cutting-edge AI technology powered by BrainOS® provides an intuitive AI system for industry-leading performance and safety.

Learn More About KIRA CV 60/1

Rent, Lease or Buy – You Have Options!

Pick a plan that fits your needs. Choose from one of these convenient purchase options:

  • Rent* — Plans are available in 3, 6 or 12 months depending on your job.
  • Lease — Own with no money upfront and low monthly payments.
  • Purchase — Invest in a long-term cleaning solution and call KIRA your own today.

* Deployment, training, service and consumables included in rental price

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KIRA B 100 robotic floor scrubber cleans autonomously down a school hallway.

*Projections based off an annual total averaging 40 hours weekly
**Does not include wear parts
***Additional years can be purchased