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Elevate Your Cleaning Efficiency with Autonomous Floor Care Machines

Renting allows you to experience all of the benefits of state-of-the-art cleaning technology without the upfront costs of ownership. Enjoy the advantages of top-tier cleaning equipment without compromising your budget.

Autonomous Rental

The Revolution In Autonomous Floor Cleaning Is Here

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Increased Productivity

  • Perfect cleaning route every time
  • Clean large scale areas without supervision
  • Cloud based AI constantly learns and improves performance
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Piece Of Mind

  • Smart Detection System safely avoids people and obstacles
  • Over 80+ billion sq. ft. safely cleaned
  • Machine defaults to safe distance from walls and objects
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Return On Investment

  • Improved consistency and coverage result in an increased ability to meet the scope of work and customer satisfaction
  • Average of $20,000 less in operational overhead (i.e. medical insurance, life emergencies, turnover)
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