Electric Ice Scraper

The EDI 4 electric ice scraper finally puts an end to the strenuous task of scraping ice off windshields and windows.

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EDI 4 - Rotierende Abtragsscheibe

Rotating Disc

The rotating disc with stable plastic blades removes even stubborn ice with minimal effort.

EDI 4 - Einfaches Handling

Easy Start

When gently pressed on top, the EDI 4's abrasive disc starts to rotate, beginning the ice removal process.

EDI 4 - LED-Betriebszustandsanzeige

LED Battery Indicator

The integrated LED flashes when the electric ice scraper needs recharging.

EDI 4 - Schnelle Bereitschaft

Powered by Lithium-Ion Battery

Equipped with power lithium-ion cells, one charge is sufficient to use the scraper several times before a recharge is needed.

EDI 4 - Werkzeugloser Scheibenwechsel

Hassle Free Disc Replacement

The rotating abrasive disc can be replaced quickly and easily, without tools.

EDI 4 - Schutzkappe

Protective Cap

The included cap protects the EDI 4 and ensures safe handling.


EDI 4 - Frontscheibe

With the rotating disc of the ice scraper, even stubborn ice on car windscreens can be removed effortlessly in one go.

EDI 4 - Seitenscheibe

Suitable for both the windshield and all other vehicle windows. 

EDI 4 - Kompaktes Design

The compact, modern design of the ice scraper allows simple, safe handling and storage.

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