WOW history in the making.

Decades of experience and our idea of innovation bring us solutions that convince with their performance, quality and handling and are ahead of their time. With our "Anniversary promotion" we recall important milestones and want to celebrate current top products together with you.

The Kärcher company

Kärcher looks back on several decades of company history and is now a world-leading provider of cleaning technology. Already when setting up the company in 1935 the engineer and passionate inventor Alfred Kärcher pursued the goal of always finding new solutions for every challenge. Our current products, ranges and service offers are based on this inventiveness and our decades of experience in the area of cleaning technology. From pressure washers to vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners through to pumps, lawn mowers and much more, today Kärcher provides more than 3,000 products. The company currently holds 650 active patents, and approximately 90 percent of all products are 5 years old or younger. A clear sign that innovation is still one of the most important growth factors and essential elements of the corporate culture.

Pressure washers

PW WOW experience

Features and benefits

Home & Garden app
Become a cleaning expert with the Kärcher Home & Garden app. Benefit from our extensive Kärcher expertise to achieve perfect cleaning results. Convenient comprehensive service included: all information about the device, its application and our service portal.

Power Control trigger gun with Quick Connect
An optimal choice for every application with 3 settings for the water pressure and an additional detergent setting. Full control – the display shows the set values. Quick Connect for easy connection of high-pressure hose and accessory.

Hose reel for comfortable handling
The high-pressure hose is optimally protected and can be stored in a space-saving manner. The hose is always within easy reach and can be easily rolled up and unwound, enabling comfortable work. The positioning of the hose reel ensures a low centre of gravity, which makes possible secure footing also on sloping and uneven areas.

Plug ’n’ Clean – the Kärcher detergent system
Innovative system for the quick, convenient and comfortable use of Kärcher detergent bottles. Kärcher detergents improve efficiency and protect and care for the surface.


Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

WD WOW campaign

Features and benefits

Power outlet with automatic on/off switch for working with power tools
The vacuum cleaner is automatically switched on or off via the power tool. Shavings and dust are vacuumed directly when planing, sawing or sanding.

Highly effective filter cleaning
Quick restoration of the suction power at the touch of a button: the filter is cleaned efficiently as required with powerful pulse air blasts.

Patented filter removal technology
Fast and simple removal of the filter in seconds by swinging out the filter box – no contact with dirt. For wet and dry vacuuming without having to change the filter.

Hose storage on the device head
The suction hose is secured on the device head in a space-saving manner. The attachment is simple, intuitive and suitable for both right- and left-handed operators.

Large drain screw
Any water absorbed can be easily drained via a drain screw on the waste container. This saves time and effort when vacuuming larger amounts of water.

WD 3 18

Steam cleaners

Steam Cleaner

Features and benefits

Particularly hygienic cleaning
Deep cleaning without chemicals. Removes up to 99.9% of viruses* and up to 99.9% of common household bacteria**

Our steam cleaners and their compatible accessories offer a perfect solution for almost every cleaning task.

Descaling cartridge
The descaling cartridge integrated in many of our steam cleaners descales the water automatically and can be replaced at any time. Depending on the device, it guarantees an up to 10 times longer product life.***

Tank can be filled continuously
For non-stop cleaning. Many Kärcher steam cleaners can not only be filled at any time, the water tank can also be removed on most devices for filling.

Floor cleaning set EasyFix
The floor cleaning set ensures optimal cleaning results on different hard floors in the home thanks to efficient lamella technology. The floor cleaning cloth is attached and changed with a hook-and-loop fastener, entirely without any contact with dirt and the flexible hinge on the floor nozzle guarantees floor contact on the entire area of the floor cleaning cloth for effective and at the same time ergonomic cleaning.

Full Steam Ahead

* Through spot cleaning using the Kärcher steam cleaner, i.e. steaming for 30 seconds on the maximum steam setting in direct contact with the surface to be cleaned, up to 99.9% of enveloped viruses such as influenza viruses (except the hepatitis B virus) can be eliminated on most smooth, hard surfaces in the house (test germ: modified vaccinia Ankara virus).

** When cleaning at a cleaning speed of 30 cm/s using the maximum steam setting and with direct contact with the surface to be cleaned, up to 99.9% of all common household bacteria on common smooth, hard household surfaces are killed (test germs: Enterococcus hirae).

*** The minimum factor by which the product life is extended, based on internal tests with a water hardness of 20 °dH and carbonate hardness of 15 °dH.