Everything you need to take care of your car

Introducing the new Kärcher car cleaning product range – for taking care of any dirt that threatens the interior or exterior of your car or bike. Bring back the WOW.


All-round Vehicle Care

A freshly cleaned car feels better to drive. This is because it looks as good as new, smells nice and actually lasts longer too. Dirt not only makes the vehicle look bad, it also causes damage in the long term. Tried-and-tested Kärcher detergents and care agents ensure a dazzling appearance and longlasting care. They work. With a long-lasting effect.

Wheel rims, windscreen, paint – the Kärcher cleaning and care products work their magic on every part of the car. The ideal solution for every component is available for the interior too. These solutions keep windows streakfree, remove stains and restore the colour of plastics. So that everything looks good, smells good and feels good.

So then: get in and feel the WOW factor.


Meet Ben: Play hard, for the love of speed.

Ben started working with cars when he was 17. As a big fan of the video game Gran Turismo, Ben fell in love with the legendary R1 Titan. He decided to import the “real” Titan from Japan to Germany and tuned it himself to make it look identical to the one from his favorite game. Some would say, even better, as Ben has won many tuning competitions since.

Bring back the WOW to your Baby.


Bens Tools

1. Shiny wheel rims are a must. For this Ben sprays an even layer of the non-acidic Rim Cleaner Premium onto his wheel rims. After a short contact time the detergent on the wheel rim changes to a purple colour. This shows that it is reacting with brake dust or other dirt.

2. Insect residues can damage paintwork and wiper blades, especially in the summer months. For this Ben sprays Insect Remover onto the front of the car so that the residues can be easily rinsed off after a short contact time.

3. Next he washes the car using the wonderful Car Shampoo Concentrate. Either using the pressure washer or by hand. It is important to dry the vehicle well afterwards to avoid water stains.

4. Everything must be beaming: After the paintwork is cleaned, the Polish & Wax puts the finishing touches on the look. Subtle scratches are repaired, the colour is refreshed and the wax also protects against weathering effects.

5. Lastly Ben uses the Car Glass Cleaner for streak-free windows and mirrors in order to provide a clear view. The polycarbonate headlamp lenses also get their finishing touches.

Ben Packshot 3

Meet Floyd: Enter the golden age of personal luxury.

Floyd is a bona fide oldtimer king and has found the freedom to do it his way. After seeing many parts of the world, he settled down in the 70’s in Berlin, together with the love of his life: the Ford T-Bird – a powerhouse convertible of class and design by any oldtimer definition. Floyd has cherished his 4-wheeled gem ever since and he can still be seen breezing by the streets of Neukölln Berlin in his T-Bird, always top down.

Bring back the WOW to 1963.


Floyds Tools

1. After vacuuming the car with a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, the Interior Cleaner with odour remover ensures cleanliness and a fresh scent in the vehicle. Floyd removes all dirt from the cockpit, door panels, etc., and stains from upholstered areas.

2. Cleaning and maintenance go hand-in-hand. In order to protect the plastic surfaces in the car against fading and breaking, he rubs in the Cockpit Care Matt Finish using a soft cloth. This protects against UV radiation and restores the matt and silky shine to the plastic. Very practical: The anti-static effect delays resoiling.

3. Finger prints and streaks on windows and mirrors are not pretty and obstruct the view when driving. Floyd sprays the Car Glass Cleaner on a soft, lint-free cloth and uses it to remove all stains and streaks. It can also be used to remove nicotine streaks.


Meet Sara: 16 years old, bold and unafraid.

Can you hear Sara’s roaring dirt bike? She’s been owning her sport since she was 3. This young European champion is already challenging the best of the best, with a clear goal in mind: to become the next world champion. Through her focus and dedication, and some fatherly guidance – her dad is her trainer and mentor, after all – there’s nothing standing in Sara’s way.

Bring back the WOW to your vroom.


Saras Tools

1. Sara cleans her motorbike after every ride. After all, she must be able to rely on the function of all components at all times. After the bike has cooled down, she sprays the Bike Cleaner onto the very dirty parts such as the side covers and mudguards and allows it to take effect. The gel formula ensures that the cleaning agent remains on the surface for a long time during the contact time.

2. For washing Sara inserts the Car Shampoo 3-in-1 into the practical Plug&Clean opening of her pressure washer and applies the detergent to her motorbike working from the bottom up and at the low pressure setting. Then she rinses it off using clean water at high pressure, working from the top down. Apart from the cleaning power, the paintwork is also maintained and protected thanks to the wax content.

3. For particularly sensitive parts Sara mixes the Car Shampoo Concentrate with water in a bucket and carefully cleans the parts with a sponge.

4. If very intensive cleaning is required, Sara opts for the Ultra Foam Cleaner, which produces a stable, adhesive foam with the aid of the pressure washer and foam jet and removes oil, road and salt dirt in a very powerful and efficient manner.



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