Discover the full width and breadth of cutting-edge cleaning solutions available: visit Kärcher at the 2023 CMS in Berlin, the leading international trade fair for cleaning and hygiene. Find us at booth 100 in Hall 3.2 from 19th to 22nd September.

Kärcher at the 2023 CMS trade fair


Complexity made simple.

The demands placed on the professional cleaning sector continue to grow: long gone are the days of mere superficial cleanliness. Today, it is all about total hygiene, sustainability and efficiency. It is about having the best possible tools for the most varied of cleaning tasks and about reliable services for smooth-running operations.

And now, overcoming all these challenges is as simple as switching on a Kärcher machine. That's because we have the perfect solution for every task – from wide-ranging machinery to innovative detergents and even groundbreaking Connected Cleaning concepts. But don't just take our word for it – come and see for yourself at the CMS in Berlin!

Kärcher at the 2023 CMS trade fair

Trade fair must-sees

KIRA B 50 cleaning robot

A clean path to the future.

Make way for a new era in cleaning: the KIRA B 50 cleaning robot cleans medium to large areas of flooring completely autonomously, saving time and ensuring consistently high levels of cleanliness.

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Kärcher KIRA B 50 cleaning robot at the 2023 CMS

CV 30/2 Bp Battery-powered upright brush type vacuum cleaners

A reliable partner in every situation.

First professional battery-powered upright brush-type vacuum cleaner for all carpet and hard surfaces: the CV 30/2 Bp. With automatic floor detection, low ground clearance and brush cleaning function.

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CV 30/2 Bp

T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast dry vacuum cleaner

A clean conscience.

This machine has it all – except unnecessary raw materials. That's because it is manufactured from 60 per cent recycled materials. This means it unites high suction power with impressive sustainability.

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Kärcher T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast dry vacuum cleaner at the 2023 CMS

B 50 W scrubber dryer

A clean sweep for efficiency.

The B 50 W not only leaves dazzling floors in its wake, but it dazzles itself – with its exceptional efficiency. This and its many useful features make it the perfect tool for professional cleaning teams.

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Kärcher B 50 W scrubber dryer at the 2023 CMS

BVL 3/1 BP backpack vacuum

Lightweight for heavy-duty work.

Takes the hard work out of spot cleaning and cleaning stairs: thanks to the innovative EPP material, this powerful backpack vacuum is the first of its kind to boast a carrying weight on the back of just 4.5 kilograms.

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Kärcher BVL 3/1 BP at the 2023 CMS

RM 82N detergent

Yellow can be green.

Kärcher is cleaning up misconceptions by proving that detergents can be ecological and still deliver powerful cleaning results. Take for instance the environmentally friendly RM 82N, made from natural ingredients.

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Kärcher detergent RM 82N at the 2023 CMS

Professional Services

Clear benefits.

With our diverse range of services, we are dusting off even more benefits for you. The pros at Kärcher always take the time to find the ideal solution for you – and of course that's no different at the CMS in Berlin.

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Kärcher Professional Services at the 2023 CMS