Holder S 75 implement carrier

We do not know where in the world you clear paths, make pedestrian zones ice-free and maintain green areas. But we do know what a perfect implement carrier must provide for your municipality: lots of power and endurance. Manoeuvrability and suitability for pavements. Sophisticated technical solutions, quick change of implements and simple operation.

Der Holder S 75


The Holder S 75 combines superior performance with a compact design that makes it suitable for use in city centres

The new Holder S 75 implement carrier is the ideal partner for demanding year-round use on pavements and in public areas.

Its articulated steering guarantees maximum manoeuvrability and suitability for pavements and enables agile and precise work together with directional stability for perfect work results. The permanent all-wheel drive optimally delivers the power of the 75 hp engine to all four wheels and ensures perfect traction. With a passage width from 1.31 m (depending on tyres), it easily reaches every angle in its application area 365 days of the year. As a result, even the toughest applications can be easily controlled from the comfort cab.

Find out now where you can use the new Holder S 75 implement carrier.

The Holder S 75

Overview of the advantages of the Holder S 75 implement carrier:

  • Comfortable cab
  • Ergonomic operating console
  • Programmable joystick
  • Powerful traction drive
  • Mechanical PTO shaft at the front
  • LED lighting
  • Easy service access
  • Three independent hydraulic machine drives
  • 100% mechanical differential lock at both axles
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Hydraulic wheel load compensation
  • Three attachment areas

Outstanding performance in year-round use

Clear paths, ice-free pedestrian zones and maintained green areas: With unique design and technical solutions the new Holder S 75 is suitable for multiple purposes and completes diverse tasks in top quality. Thanks to the well-thought-out construction with standardised interfaces, which enable a quick change of the machine, the changeover to winter service, landscaping or watering can be completed in just a few steps. At the same time, three attachment areas allow a variety of machine combinations and guarantee more flexible work activities, higher productivity and greater effectiveness. With two standardized attachment areas (front and rear lift), as well as a third attachment area for articulated equipment, the Holder S 75 offers a variety of options.

You can rely on the Holder S 75 in all weather conditions

In winter

Roll on the frost and ice: Whether it's ploughing, clearing or sweeping snow, or if sand, grit or cooling brine have to be distributed – you can rely on the Holder S 75 in all weather conditions. Thanks to a permanent all-wheel drive and four wheels of the same size, the traction is also superb off-road. The intelligent load limit sensing control works especially for snow throwing.

The installation of the engine between the portal axle also enables an extremely low mounting area in this class: in the winter service a clear view of the rear is also possible with the spreader attached.

In summer

In summer the Holder S 75 impresses in the maintenance of green areas. Flexible connection and attachment options, its climbing ability and manoeuvrability, as well as the high area performance, open up practically unlimited possible applications. Green areas of all kinds can also be quickly and effectively mown, mulched or watered to the highest quality, even in areas that are difficult to access.

The electronic load limit sensing control automatically adapts the driving speed to the decrease in performance at the front implement. The advantage: you can fully concentrate on the application and are always out and about with maximum working speed.

In summer the Holder S 75 impresses in the maintenance of green areas
Numerous advantages of the Holder S 75

Numerous advantages of the Holder S 75

  • Quick-change system: takeover of existing and heavy machines
  • Perfect ground adjustment: soil protection and higher traction with the hydraulic accumulator
  • Manoeuvrability thanks to implements and larger range with lateral adjustment
  • Exceptional climbing ability and extremely slow driving possible
  • Future-proof thanks to the latest exhaust emissions stage, no AdBlue® required, low consumption
  • 100% power at all times: powerful, quiet drive and low-maintenance

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Technical advantages of the Holder S 75

Powerful front linkage of the Holder 75 S

Powerful front lifter

The powerful front lifter (CAT II) with a lifting force of 2700 kg enables the attachment of even large, heavy machines. Via the separate external control the machines can be easily attached and removed by only one person. The 3D movement of the front lifter via the central hinge is unique: apart from lifting and lowering, the tilt can be adjusted with the joystick and the machine can be moved to the side. In floating position the machine is automatically adapted to the respective floor textures or work situations.


The advantages:

  • Heavy machines possible
  • Takeover of existing machines
  • Perfect ground adjustment
  • Soil protection and higher traction with the hydraulic accumulator
  • No pendular compensation required at implement
  • Larger range with lateral adjustment
  • Optimal work results
Mechanical PTO shaft of the Holder S 75

Mechanical PTO shaft

With the mechanical PTO shaft machines with a high power requirement can be operated efficiently. The direct, low-loss mechanical drive shaft of the engine results in greater effectiveness than comparable hydraulic drives. This allows long working times even with high power reduction.

The advantages:

  • Less fuel consumption
  • No heating and mixing of the hydraulic oil
  • Higher continuous output
  • Larger implement dimensions
Comfortable cab of the Holder S 75

Comfortable cab

Hop in, feel at ease, get going – in the ROPS comfort cab the driver benefits from a perfect view and maximum comfort. Tall and heavily built drivers easily find space in the forward set, generously glazed cab of the Holder S 75. The conditions for long work activities are optimal. All relevant operating elements for the application are within immediate reach of the driver and can be operated intuitively - this means simple, safe and fatigue-free work, 365 days a year.

The advantages:

  • 360° all-round visibility
  • Air conditioning
  • Pneumatic, heated comfort seat, with optional 3-point belt
  • 1-hand operation
  • Key functions on joystick incl. forward/reverse, as well as operation of control valves
Ergonomic control console of the Holder S 75

Ergonomic operating console

Apart from lifting and lowering, you can also adjust the tilt of the attached implement and move the machine to the side using the joystick. The joystick can be operated with 1 hand, incl. the key functions: forward/reverse, as well as operation of the control valves.

The advantages:

  • Intuitive operation
  • Fatigue-free work
  • Perfect control of vehicle and implement
  • View of all relevant vehicle information
Easy service access to the Holder 75 S

Easy service access

Thanks to the easy access to all service components, the Holder S 75 is quickly ready for use: True to the motto "Maintenance without the wait", the Holder S 75 is consistently designed for easy servicing. The tiltable cab, swivel-mounted or foldable side parts on the right and left, as well as the conveniently positioned service flaps, create unrestricted access to maintenance-relevant vehicle components. The daily service work on the Holder S 75 is possible without removing the implements. This is guaranteed with the hydraulically tilting mounting area, which allows tilting also with an articulated machine. The battery is accessible from the outside, which facilitates the external start in winter. On request, the optional central lubrication system ensures further time savings.

Technical data of the Holder S 75


55 kW (75 hp)

Emission standard

Stage 5


0–40 km/h

PTO shaft

Mechanical PTO shaft at the front

Permissible total weight

5500 kg

Total outer width

1310–1580 mm


1-person cab