Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 Foldable

With foldable water tank, easy to transport, easy to store and versatile: the OC 3 foldable mobile outdoor cleaner with lithium-ion battery for mobile cleaning.

For anyone who needs a cleaning solution on the go that can be stored and transported in the smallest of spaces: the compact and lightweight OC 3 foldable pressure washer from Kärcher has a foldable water tank. This can be folded to a minimum pack size in no time at all and enables space-saving stowage. With its lithium-ion battery, the device is ready for use anywhere at any time and without time-consuming preparation: simply fill with water and get started. An LED display provides information about the battery's charge level. The flexible 1.8-metre-long pressure hose ensures optimal freedom of movement when cleaning. Whether at the campsite, after a bike ride or in the garden at home - the mobile outdoor cleaner is the ideal solution for quick cleaning. A wide range of accessories is available for expanding the fields of application.

Features and benefits
Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 Foldable: Efficient and gentle low pressure
Efficient and gentle low pressure
The advantage of low pressure: efficient and at the same time very gentle cleaning, ideal for sensitive surfaces. The standard nozzle with flat jet cleans even hard-to-reach places reliably and precisely. The cone-spray nozzle is suitable for even more sensitive cleaning, for example of dog paws.
Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 Foldable: Innovative, foldable tank
Innovative, foldable tank
Large capacity (8 l) of the flexible water tank, which can be folded to a minimum pack size for easy transport and space-saving storage. Reduced space requirement: the hose and trigger gun are stowed in the compactly folded device.
Mobile Outdoor Cleaner OC 3 Foldable: Integrated lithium-ion battery
Integrated lithium-ion battery
Mobile cleaning at any time without a power connection. Long battery run time for repeated use, without intermediate charging. The LED display signals when the battery needs to be charged. The USB type C charging socket on the device enables flexible charging even when on the move, e.g. in the car or at the powerbank.
Simple and convenient handling
  • Ready for use anywhere at any time and without time-consuming preparation, simply fill with water and get started.
  • Ergonomic carrying handle with hose fixation for easy carrying.
  • The water tank can be filled easily and conveniently thanks to the large opening.
Large selection of accessories
  • Extensive accessories for expanding the fields of application are optionally available.
  • The right accessories for every cleaning task (whether bicycle, outdoor equipment, garden furniture, the dog or much more).

Technical data

Pressure range Low pressure
Flow rate (l/min) max. 2
Battery powered device
Battery type Lithium-ion battery
Battery run time (min) max. 15
Battery charge time (h) 2,25
Weight without accessories (kg) 2,2
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 3,2
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 305 x 298 x 271

Scope of supply

  • Battery charger: 7.2 V USB-C charging cable + adapter (1 piece each)
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Flat jet nozzle


  • Water tank volume: 8 l
  • Hose length: 1.8 m
  • Hose type: Low-pressure flexible hose
  • Integrated water filter
  • Pressure trigger gun: Low-pressure trigger gun
  • Device filter
Application areas
  • Bicycles
  • Camping and outdoor equipment
  • Sports equipment (e.g. surfboard, kayak, stand-up paddle board)
  • Pets/dogs
  • Strollers/buggies
  • Shoes/hiking boots
  • Garden equipment (shovel, etc.)
  • Children's toys/Bobbycar®/running wheels
  • Garden furniture
  • Flower tubs
Cleaning agents