Hose storage and hose trolley

Stowed away and still always easily within reach! Hose trolleys and storage systems provide a clean, secure home for hoses. This prevents any unnecessary tripping hazards, and you no longer have the tedious task of pulling and tugging hoses around.

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Hose storage

Nothing gets in the way of caring for your garden.

Kärcher garden hoses are kink-free as well as extremely flexible and robust. State-of-the-art hose carts ensure quick winding and unwinding.

Hoste storage

Kärcher hose trolley

Greater mobility, less pulling and tugging: the new hose trolleys from Kärcher make gardening considerably easier. Now that the hose can be moved effortlessly from A to B on the hose trolley, the chore of dragging it through the garden is no longer necessary. Obstacles can be bypassed effortlessly and smoothly. The hose is simply unwound and laid down along the route on the ground. The long section of hose is simply connected to the tap and the short hose is used for watering.

The result: no more annoying pulling on the hose, no more continually knocking the hose trolley over and considerably less damage.

Person bewässert Beet mit Kärcher Schlauch und Schlauchwagen
Mobil mit Stil

Mobile with style

Simply place the short end of the hose over the hook, store accessories directly on the hose trolley and move it comfortably to the location of use.

Mehr Beweglichkeit

Greater manoeuvrability

No more annoying tugging on the hose: obstacles can now be easily and smoothly bypassed with the new hose trolley.

Kompakte Verstauung

Compact comfort

The Kärcher hose trolley occupies minimal storage space.

Sicher fixiert

Securely fixed

The hose can be securely fixed on the device during transport or storage.

Hose storage

Kärcher hose storage systems

Kärcher offers various systems for hose storage. The hose trolley is the classic among helpers in the garden, and serves at the same time as a stowing system. The integrated hose reel facilitates the storage of hoses by simply winding them up with the crank. After working in the garden, you can put the hose trolley away in the garage.

The premium hose reel kit is a little smaller, as it has no rollers. Thanks to the detachable hose reel and a storage option for garden sprinklers and sprayers, all the necessary utensils can be stored safely without taking up much space.

Even less space is taken up by the hose reel, available with a crank or automatic operation, so that the hose is automatically wound up by hose retraction.

Hose storage

Functional and unobtrusive

No getting stuck, no disturbing optics: The wall mount in extra flat design looks very discreet. The Premium Hose Box CR 7.220 Automatic can be securely attached - and removed again.

Hose storage

Pleasantly adaptable

Thanks to the adjustable swivel stop, the swivel range of the Premium CR 7.220 automatic hose reel can be reduced in steps of 30°. In this way, damage is avoided.

Hose storage compact

Wonderfully compact

Ideal for the balcony: Thanks to the low weight and compact dimensions, transportation of the compact CR 3.110 balcony hose reel is child's play.

hose storage quick

Always quickly at hand

No untidiness, no bothersome searching: The hose hanger and reel provide sufficient storage space for your garden accessories.