Kärcher Rain System®

Rain by order! The Kärcher Rain System® can be optimally integrated into hedges, bushes, vegetable patches and flower beds. The water falls without loss exactly where it is needed, which is environment-friendly and saves money. The Kärcher Rain System® combines the advantages of micro-dripping and traditional watering. The system works with a pressure of up to 4 bar and has a 1/2" PVC hose with drip and micro spray nozzles. Pressure reducers and filters to protect against excess pressure and dirt particles can be additionally fitted. The Kärcher Rain System® can be individually adapted to any garden.

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Kärcher Rain System®

Watering the garden with the Kärcher Rain System®

Bewässerungssystem Rain System Gartenbewässerung

The smart way to water your garden.

Whether it's hedges, flowerbeds, bushes or herbs - the intelligent watering system from Kärcher supplies every plant individually and on demand.

The Kärcher Rain System® watering system combines the benefits of micro-dripping and conventional watering. The system operates at pressures of up to 4 bar and includes a 1/2" PVC hose with drip and micro spray nozzles. A pressure reducer and filter for protection against excess pressure and dirt particles can also be installed.

The Kärcher Rain System™ can be individually adapted to every garden for watering and works perfectly with the water timer for automatic watering.

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KRS® pot watering set

Individual system for the comfortable and efficient watering of up to 15 pots and flower boxes on terraces and balconies.

Bewässerung Tropfschlauch Tropfbewässerung

Efficient drip watering

Reliable watering along the plants with the Kärcher trickle hose. Suitable for plantings up to 50 m in length.

Drip nozzle

Targeted watering

Drip nozzle with water flow regulation for targeted watering directly onto the plants.

Bewässerung Sprühmanschetten Rain System

Area watering

Micro spray nozzles with different spraying patterns (360°, 180° and 90°) and adjustable water volumes.


KRS® pot watering set

The KRS® pot watering set for terraces: ideal for efficient water supply of up to 15 plants. Pots and window boxes can be watered conveniently with the hose system and droppers.


Kärcher Rain System®