Sprinklers – technology that is brimming with ideas. The diverse selection of Kärcher circular sprinklers offers the perfect solution for every garden – large, small, flat or sloping. With the unique splash guard in the oscillating sprinkler range, set-up is even easier: Going back and forth between the tap and sprinkler is no longer necessary and you can find the right position for your sprinkler in next to no time – without getting wet! All models easily connect to a garden hose and is compatible with all available click-on systems.

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Oscillating sprinklers

Bewässerungssystem Sprinkler Rasenbewässerung

Spinklers – technology ripe with ideas.

The new oscillating sprinklers from Kärcher are now even easier to use. They feature integrated splash guard protection for convenient positioning and alignment without getting wet. Kärcher sprinklers feature the tried and tested click system and are easy to connect to garden hoses.


Oscillating sprinkler

Continuously adjustable sprinkling area up to a maximum area of 320 m².

Trockener Bereich

In the dry

Protected from the water, you can comfortably adjust the watering area and water volume.

Komfortables Ausrichten

Convenient alignment

The splash guard protects the operator when the sprinkler is being aligned.

sprinkler breite

Variable width of spray

The width of spray can be regulated by switching off the nozzles.

Watering area

Watering areas