Making progress: Play a role in Kärcher's innovative success with your idea.

As a leading innovator, we are always on the lookout for new ideas. These ideas, however, do not necessarily have to come from within our own ranks, but may also be submitted by external inventors. Do you have a future-proof idea for a business model or product? Then the best thing you can do is get in touch with us as soon as possible.

External inventors

We are open to your ideas.

Do you have the idea the cleaning industry has been waiting for? Then simply submit it to us. Whether it is a rough concept, finished product with a patent or anything else in between, we look forward to finding out more about your invention.

External inventors
External inventors
External inventors

What do we do with your idea?

It goes without saying that we will treat your idea confidentially and respectfully. You can see what the individual steps involved in the idea evaluation process look like here:

External inventors

1. Classification as suggestion or idea

Suggestion: Submission without IP right, for example description of a problem, idea has no technology readiness.

Idea: Submission with IP right, for example patent, registered design, submission with technology readiness.

External inventors

2. Forwarding to relevant departments

Suggestion: Departments are informed.

Idea: Experts from the departments review the concept you submitted.

External inventors

3. Expert review 

We ask for your understanding that we may not give detailed reasons for rejection.

External inventors

4. Feedback

In the event that the feedback is positive, we look forward to meeting you in person!

Which subjects should your ideas address?

Obviously Kärcher is all about cleaning. However, our industry is also changing drastically due to digitalisation, with the result that we are predominantly gearing our development activities towards the following fields:

  • Robotics
  • IoT / connectivity / digitalisation
  • Battery technology
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Sensor technology

If you have an idea that does not cover one of our focal subjects, you are of course still welcome to submit it.

Guidelines for submission

To protect the interests of the individual submitting the idea, as well as those of our company, please note the following points before submitting an idea. Please read all the guidelines for submission carefully. Submissions without valid IP rights can only be accepted as suggestions.

If you have any questions about external ideas, please contact:

Ideally, we review ideas which are accompanied by an adequate technical description and ideas for which IP rights have been registered, for example a patent or registered design. The rights of all parties involved can be defined by these, and these can constitute a reliable starting point for potential future negotiations.

Submissions for which no IP rights have been registered are accepted as suggestions. Suggestions are not reviewed in detail and the individual submitting the suggestion bears the risks associated with safeguarding their rights. We are unable to accept any types of claims made against us.

The ideas submitted are presented to the designated department for evaluation. Suggestions are added to the knowledge database and the departments are informed. The associated submitted documents are used for review purposes only and are treated with the same confidentiality and care as comparable in-house matters.

Submissions are evaluated and responded to as quickly as possible. Under normal circumstances, it takes no longer than eight weeks to process your idea.

The decision not to use an idea is based on Kärcher's own business considerations and should not be seen as a quality-related judgement of the idea's value. We ask for your understanding that we may not give reasons for rejections.

Please note that Kärcher reserves the right to develop innovations independently of your idea, which may be similar or identical to your idea, or request or obtain information about these kinds of innovations from third parties.