Des Moines Police Station Underwent Major Cleaning, Restoration and Beautification

Kärcher professionally removed organic dirt off the Des Moines Police Station as part of the cultural sponsorship program.

Kärcher cleaned the Des Moines Police Station.

Residents and future generations to benefit from ongoing partnership

Kärcher was proud and honored to work with the city of Des Moines and the Police Station in its ongoing partnership to help preserve the buildings for future generations. The Des Moines Police Station, which is over one hundred years old, was professionally cleaned to remove organic dirt as part of the Kärcher cultural sponsorship commitment. “We are so excited and grateful to Kärcher for cleaning our building,” said Dana Wingert, Des Moines Chief of Police. “This restoration is long overdue. We aren’t just a police station, we are members of this important community.”

The cleaning was conducted during the 2018 NAPC Forum hosted by the city of Des Moines. Kärcher held a preservation cleaning demonstration during the forum to educate preservationists from around the country on the benefits and different techniques of preservation cleaning.

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The cleaning was completed chemical free using a hot water high-pressure cleaner in steam mode.

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The deeper-seated spores were destroyed by the high temperature of the steam, which also means new organic growth will take longer to regrow.

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Cleaning the Police Station is part of a two-year commitment to the City of Des Moines.

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Preserving the beauty and integrity of historic structures

Last year Kärcher cleaned the historic City Hall during a 10-day cleaning project and removed decades of dirt whilst restoring the century-old civic building’s facade to its stunning origins, showing off its limestone exterior and granite base. Cleaning the Police Station is part two of a two-year commitment to the City of Des Moines to provide preservation and cleaning/restoration to the City Hall and the Police Station. Kärcher is committed to preserving the beauty and integrity of these historic structures for the community and future generations.

About the City of Des Moines

The City of Des Moines: Iowa’s capital city and local government servicing more than 215,000 residents, 51+ neighborhoods, over 4,000 miles of parkland and 81 miles of trails. The City of Des Moines stands to be a financially strong city with exceptional city services, fostering an involved community in a customer-friendly atmosphere.


Facts at a glance

Country: USA
City: Des Moines

Material: Limestone
Type of dirt: Algae, fungi, lichen
Cleaning technique: Hot-water high-pressure cleaning

Execution: July 2017

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