Second Presbyterian Church preserved for future generations

As part of its cultural sponsorship programme, Kärcher cleaned the historic Second Presbyterian Church near Central Park in New York.

Cleaning one of the oldest churches in New York

After cleaning three mausoleums on the Green-Wood Cemetery, Kärcher carried out its next cleaning project, also in New York: the Second Presbyterian Church was cleaned to remove biological growth such as algae, fungi and lichen using the hot water high-pressure cleaner HDS 5.0/30 in the steam mode.

The black crusts on the shell limestone were gently removed by using a particle blaster and the low-pressure microparticle blasting method. With the hot water high-pressure cleaner HDS 13/20-4S and a 25° flat jet nozzle, the team removed old emulsion paint from the building facade at a temperature of between 90-95°C.

The Second Presbyterian Church is one of the oldest and most important churches in New York, located close to Central Park.

Educational workshop with Alexander Robertson School

During the project, cleaning specialist Nick Heyden met with students from Alexander Robertson School, which is run by the church and shares some of its facilities.
Heyden spoke to them about the importance of restoration: "The students were impressed by what we are doing here and the difference it has made to the appearance of the school within just a few days".

Facts at a glance

Country: USA
City: Manhattan, New York

Material: Limestone, granite
Type of dirt: Algae, fungi, lichen, emissions, paint layers

Carried out: September 2017

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