Above the roofs of Vienna

Cleaning of the crossing tower of the Votive Church

The crossing tower of the Votive Church was cleaned as part of the comprehensive restoration of the whole church. A cleaning team, trained by Kärcher, cleaned the hard-to-reach tower with the dry ice blasting machine IB 15/20.

The dry ice method was chosen in order to remove the two different patina layers. With a temperature of -79 °C the dirt freezes and cracks. Therefore, the dry ice pellets, dashing against the surface with a high speed, are able to remove dirt from several hundred years without damaging the original substance of the tower. The Ice Blaster IB 15/120 and the six to eight tons of dry ice were provided by the family-owned company Kärcher within the scope of their cultural sponsoring.

The cleaning of the tower yielded a historically relevant finding: On the surface, an inscription with a year, older than the tower’s suspected year of construction, was revealed. This discovery arrogates a new research on the construction of the crossing tower.

The restoration has been going for about 15 years and will presumably continue for another five years.