Compliance & CSR

This area contains information on the requirements regarding product conformity (e.g. RoHS, REACH) and Corporate Social Responsibility, which are obligatory for our suppliers.


Sustainability at Kärcher

General information on sustainability at Kärcher can be found under the following link:

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Whistleblowing at Kärcher 

Responsible and lawful conduct is a top priority for Kärcher. Our employees, business partners and third parties are able to report potential breaches at any time, making it easier for us to detect them. We check all incoming information, systematically and confidentially. If a breach occurs, this must be processed as quickly as possible and appropriate measures must be implemented – for this breach especially, but also to prevent any further breaches.

Which reports are helpful? 

Suspect cases and breaches of laws, our Code of Conduct and internal guidelines.

How do I submit a report?

Reports can be submitted using our external whistleblower system. This is done confidentially, securely and anonymously. You can report any potential breach affecting the Kärcher Group to the headquarter in Germany.

Headquarter report

Use the following link to report to the headquarter

Whistleblower system headquarter

If you want to report a potential breach concerning our production units CEM or CER directly, please use the following links:

CEM report

Use the following link to report to CEM

Whistleblower system CEM

CER report

Use the following link to report to CER

Whistleblower system CER