In the winter, car drivers who don't have a garage are only too familiar with the problem: frozen windows. Especially in the morning, the de-icing of windows is a time-consuming and stressful activity. Here are a few tips to help make the process fast and effortless, while avoiding wet hands.

De-icing car windows with the EDI 4

How can car windows be de-iced quickly?

Quickly get into your car and drive off to work in the morning? It's often not possible in the winter, because first you have to de-ice the windows. Many people often resort to the classic ice scraper. But there's also a faster, easier way: With the electric ice scraper EDI 4, car windows can be freed from ice within just a few minutes

De-icing car windows with the EDI 4

The battery-powered EDI 4 comprises a disc with six plastic blades that rotate quickly to remove the ice. Exhausting scraping is no longer necessary, because the electric ice scraper does the work almost on its own. How it works: 

  1. Hold the EDI 4 in your hand and switch on the device so that the green LED lights up.
  2. Remove the safety cap.
  3. Position the ice scraper on the window. Press lightly so that the disc starts to rotate.
  4. At the same time, move the device evenly over the window to be de-iced, applying only light pressure and preferably moving from the top down – you can then see better which areas have been de-iced. In event of very hard ice, hold the device at one place until the ice is removed.
  5. When all the windows have been de-iced: Switch off the EDI 4, remove it from the window and fit the safety cap.
  6. If necessary: Brush the loosened ice from the windows with a soft hand brush.
De-icing car windows

De-iced windows in three minutes

Within just three minutes, the front windscreen, rear and side windows can be freed from ice with the EDI 4. A battery charging of 15 minutes is therefore sufficient for the whole working week.

Frequently asked questions

The EDI 4 is ready for immediate use, even at very low temperatures down to -20°C. It can therefore also be stored in the car without problem. Thanks to its compact size, it even fits into the glove compartment or side door compartment.

EDI 4 in the glove compartment

The EDI 4 is charged by means of a cable included in the scope of supply. The full charging time is three hours, after 2:20 hours the battery is already 80 per cent charged. With a single charging, de-icing can be carried out for up to 15 minutes.

As soon as the LED display starts to flash, the battery should be recharged.

Charging the EDI 4
  • The EDI 4 automatically switches off after 30 seconds, and can be reactivated by a single press on the on/off button.
  • The rotating disc is made of plastic similar to conventional ice scrapers. Nevertheless, it must be ensured that the EDI 4 is used only on clean car windows. If there is dirt on the window, the rotating effect may lead to scratching.
  • A small distance should always be maintained between the device and the edge of the window.
EDI 4 on the side window

Yes, the rotating disc can be replaced when it is worn. As it is only press-fitted, it can be easily removed and refitted. To protect the disc, the EDI 4 should always be stored with the safety cap in place.

Replacing the rotating disk

The EDI 4 is as loud as a conventional ice scraper. However, as the ice is removed more evenly, the noise is more pleasant than the noise caused by manual ice scraping. 

electric ice scraper EDI 4

Additional tips against frozen car windows:

  • The use of an ice protection foil can prevent ice and frost on the windscreen. In this case, only the rear and side windows need to be de-iced – thus saving time.
  • At night, lift the windscreen wipers from the windscreen so that the blades don't freeze and get stuck.
  • Never pour hot water onto car windows, as the rapid temperature change may result in cracking.

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