Fast, hygienic maintenance cleaning and floor disinfection in small areas. The BR 30/1 C Bp Pack compact cordless scrubber drier with microfibre roller technology from Kärcher is suitable for all floor types.

Compact, long-lasting, effective


The Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp is a commercial cordless floor cleaner for hygienically cleaning floor surfaces up to 200 square metres. You can use this device to effortlessly pick up coarse dirt and hair, wipe the floor and, in doing so, shorten the drying time.


Clean floors with half the work

Our Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp reliably cleans hard floors thanks to its 2-in-1 system. It picks up coarse dirt and hair and, in the same step, wipes the floor using two rollers – this means that pre-vacuuming is a thing of the past.


The performance speaks for itself. Thanks to its microfibre roller technology, the machine produces up to 20 per cent better cleaning results than manual floor cleaning. With the BR 30/1 C Bp cordless floor cleaner, pre-vacuuming is a thing of the past. Thanks to the effective combination of the pick-up of coarse dirt and wiping, your cleaning time is even reduced by up to 50 per cent and the floor can also be walked on again after around two minutes – thanks to the drying performance, which has been improved by 60 per cent when compared to a standard mop.

The commercial floor cleaner is also extremely quiet with a sound level of just 55 dB, so there is no disruption to operations. Furthermore, it stands out thanks to its robust and compact design, and even the motor is significantly more long-lasting. Thanks to the battery-powered operation, the BR 30/1 C Bp can be used wirelessly and independently of any existing power outlets. The cordlessly floor cleaner is suitable for all floor types and for professional use in doctor's surgeries, beauty parlours, cafés, restaurants and other small businesses or retail businesses.

Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp cordless scrubber drier


Short charging time – long running time

Thanks to a long running time, intermediate charging, whenever possible, the machine is always ready to use.

Efficiency and speed

The integrated pre-sweeping function with hair pick-up comb picks up coarse dirt and hair, and reduces the cleaning time by up to 50%.

Effective cleaning for all floor types

Thanks to its microfibre roller technology, the BR 30/1 C Bp cordless floor cleaner cleans up to 20% more effectively when compared to manual floor cleaning, and drying is an impressive 60% quicker than with a mop.

Well-thought-out design

Increased occupational safety thanks to the flexible design and slip-resistant parking feet.

Optimum price/performance ratio

Its outstanding cleaning results, short setup time and low maintenance requirements make the BR 30/1 C Bp an impressive machine.

Cordless with a powerful battery

The cordless floor cleaner has no power cable and is part of the 18 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform.

Design and quality

Professional design with extremely robust structure and long lifetime.

Hygienic disinfection

The floor can be disinfected within just five minutes using only 3.0% Kärcher Disinfectant Cleaner RM 732 (including SARS-CoV-2).

No disruption

Extremely low noise level of just 55 dB(A).


Simple and quiet cleaning performance of the BR 30/1 C Bp

Efficient, simple cleaning performance

Cleans up to 20% more effectively and dries up to 60% quicker than a mop.

Simple filling of the fresh water tank on the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

1 l fresh water tank

The 1000 ml fresh water tank can be easily filled with water and detergent.

Pre-sweeping system and waste water tank on the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

700 ml waste water tank with pre-sweeping system

The pre-sweeping system separates coarse dirt from the dirty water.

Replaceable lithium-ion battery with one hour charging time

Replaceable Li-Ion battery

One hour charging time for 60 min. running time (with a 3.0 Ah battery)

Agile and flexible design of the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

Flexible use below furniture

The flexible joint makes it easy to clean underneath furniture and, thanks to the unit's low height, even hard-to-reach areas are a breeze to clean.

Quiet operation: The Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

Low noise level during operation

With an operating volume of just 55 dB, guests and customers are not disturbed.

Robust design and long motor service life on the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

Long lifetime and robust design

Kärcher Professional devices stand out thanks to a reliable and robust design with a long motor service life of 800 to 1000 hours.

Long-lasting and gentle rollers on the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp

High-quality, long-lasting rollers

Effective dirt removal on all types of floor.

Non-slip parking and drying position thanks to the integrated parking feet on the BR 30/1 C Bp

Parking position with parking feet

Wet microfibre rollers do not come into contact with the floor – meaning that the coating is not damaged and no water marks are left on delicate floors. The rollers can therefore also dry more quickly.



  • Suitable for all types of floor with an area of up to 200 m².

  • Floor types: Hard floors (ceramic, porcelain, concrete), stone floors (marble, terrazzo, granite, limestone), soft floors (vinyl, PVC, linoleum, epoxy, etc.), wooden floors (hardwood, laminate).

  • Maintenance cleaning for all surfaces that require a higher level of hygiene, a higher level of comfort and a faster drying result than with a mop.

  • Thanks to the extremely low noise level of just 55 dB(A), the BR 30/1 C Bp cordless floor cleaner can be used at any time and in any place.

Floor cleaning in the shop with the Kärcher BR 30/1 C Bp cordless scrubber drier

Areas of application

  • Hospitality sector: Hotel rooms, lobby, bathroom, changing room, kitchen, restaurant, breakfast area

  • Bars and restaurants: Fast food chains, small restaurants, cafés, catering, bakeries

  • Retail trade: Small businesses, boutiques, convenience stores, pharmacies

  • Public buildings: Schools, churches

  • Healthcare settings: Lobby, corridors, patient room, bathroom, changing room, doctor's surgery and dental practice

  • Offices: Lobby, canteen, bathroom, changing room

Cleaning of liquids and dirt on the floor in the catering industry using the BR 30/1 C Bp


Roller cleaning

  1. If there is a lot of dirt, the rinse function can be used to carry out intermediate cleaning of the cleaning rollers.
  2. First, you move the device to the parking position and check the fill level in the fresh water tank – this level must be at least 50%. The waste water tank must be empty.
  3. Then press the boost function button and the on/off switch at the same time. After approx. three seconds, the rinse function is activated, the cleaning rollers rotate and are cleaned.
  4. The on/off switch flashes. After approx. two minutes, the device switches off automatically.
  5. Once the work is finished and before you store the device, the cleaning rollers must be removed and cleaned under running water or in the washing machine.

Device cleaning

  1. Move the device to the parking position.
  2. Remove the fresh water tank, empty it and insert it back into the device.
  3. Remove the waste water tank, empty it and clean it using tap water.
  4. Remove the sweep bins and clean them under running water. Remove the cleaning brush from the cover on the waste water tank and remove any stubborn dirt in the combs.
  5. Press the battery pack's release button and remove this from the battery pack holder. Then charge the battery.