HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1

Independent, mobile, with reliable Yanmar diesel engine (EU STAGE V): HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1 for long high-pressure cleaning applications on construction sites and in municipalities. With 1000 l water tank.

Equipped with a powerful, reliable and eco-friendly (EU STAGE V) Yanmar diesel engine and a 1000 litre water tank, our mobile cold water trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1 works completely independently. Comprehensive high-pressure cleaning applications, such as those frequently found in municipalities or in the construction sector, can be mastered without any difficulties. With a working pressure of 230 bar and a watering rate of up to 930 litres per hour, there are virtually no limits to the requirements. The HD Trailer is equipped as standard with an ergonomic EASY!Force high-pressure gun, as well as numerous storage options. The robust machine is also easy to operate and available in other configurable variants – for example, with a hose reel in the rear area or in a cab version.

Features and benefits
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1: Independent of an external power or water supply
Independent of an external power or water supply
Yanmar diesel or Honda petrol engines (both EU STAGE V) for independent work. 1000 litre water tank for at least one hour of work at full power. Integrated trailer concept for high mobility and maximum independence.
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1: Easy and convenient operation
Easy and convenient operation
Very simple operation, thus designed for use in rental parks. Convenient equipment with motor electro start and optional hose reel. Storage compartment in the rear section for storing fuel canister and accessories.
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1: Robust design for harsh working conditions
Robust design for harsh working conditions
Reliable, tried-and-tested Kärcher high-pressure technology with long service life. Bullbar and rear tarpaulin for protecting the machine available as optional equipment. The integrated antifreeze system permits work activities all year round.
Multiple configurations possible
  • Flexible, customised configurations for individual customer requirements.
  • Optional cab variant for use on platforms or installation in vehicles.
  • On request the tanks can also be designed in custom colours.

Technical data

Flow rate (l/h) 400 - 930
Inlet temperature (°C) 60
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 40 - 230 / 4 - 23
Motor manufacturer Yanmar
Motor type L 100 V
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 600
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 3382 x 1496 x 1435

Scope of supply

  • Spray gun: EASY!Force Advanced
  • High-pressure hose: 15 m, Premium quality, ID 8, 315 bar
  • Spray lance: 1050 mm
  • Servo control
  • Power nozzle


  • Cleaning agent function: Suction
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
HD Trailer HD 9/23 De Tr1
Application areas
  • Mobile high-pressure cleaning in the construction industry, e.g. of construction machines and vehicles
  • For rental from rental parks for diverse cleaning applications
  • Ideal for cleaning service providers, e.g. for removing graffiti
  • Mobile high-pressure cleaning in the municipal environment, e.g. in parks
Configurable components
With a greatly extended operating radius for maximum flexibility when high-pressure cleaning: Convenient to use, the high-pressure hose reel attachment kit for the Kärcher HD-trailer can house up to 50 metres of high-pressure hose, allowing cleaning tasks to be performed large distances from the trailer and protecting the hose during storage and transportation.
Attachment kit for the Kärcher HD-trailer: Retrofittable and highly robust, the black front cover with guard provides the engine and pump unit on Kärcher HD-trailers with reliable protection from external damage. If the engine or pump requires servicing, the guard can be easily folded open.
The retrofittable crane hook, which can be attached to Kärcher HD-trailers, uses just one central anchor point, allowing quick and easy loading and transportation of trailers to the next location. 
Sturdy, black tarpaulin providing effective protection of the rear of Kärcher HD-trailers from both dirt and unauthorised access. The attachment kit can be retrofitted at any time and can also be locked in place.
The retrofittable elapsed time counter allows periods of use of the Kärcher HD-trailer to be tracked to the exact minute. As a result, the attachment kit can be used for precise cost-benefit analyses and is particularly useful as a basis for rental invoicing.
With a volume of 20 litres, this transport-safe fuel canister allows cleaning applications with Kärcher HD-trailers to be extended by many hours. 
The retrofittable flashing beacon for Kärcher HD-trailers increases their visibility at any time of the day. This highly visible flashing light increases the protection offered to users, the machine and other parties. 
Attachment kit to protect the tank on Kärcher HD-trailers: Highly robust impact protection, which also acts as an under-run guard, thereby effectively protecting the trailer from external damage as well as improving the safety of other road users.
The retrofittable shock absorber for Kärcher HD-trailers effectively protects the trailers during transport and also allows for approval for higher driving speeds.
The retrofittable cover for the engine and pump unit on Kärcher HD-trailers effectively protects the petrol or diesel engine and the high-pressure pump for the pressure washer from dirt during transport to the site of use.
Cleaning agents