High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage

Up to 700 litres of water per hour for optimum cleaning results: powerful HD 7/17 M Cage high-pressure cleaner with steel tubular frame, three-phase motor and automatic pressure relief.

The HD 7/17 M Cage ST with three-phase motor is a mobile and highly robust high-pressure cleaner fitted with a powder-coated steel tubular frame which has been designed for vertical or horizontal use under tough working conditions. The new 3-piston axial pump with brass cylinder head is easily accessible thanks to the service-friendly machine design and enables 20% higher cleaning performance and energy efficiency. An additional water fine filter is installed to protect the pump, while automatic pressure relief prevents loads on the pump and other high-pressure components in stand-by operation. Our innovative EASY!Force high-pressure gun utilises the recoil force of the high-pressure jet to reduce the retaining force to zero as standard, while the EASY!Lock quick-release couplings enable handling that is five times faster than conventional screw connections, without compromising on robustness or longevity.

Features and benefits
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage: Durable and robust
Durable and robust
Sturdy tubular steel frame protects all components. The tubular steel frame is also suitable for simple fastening and lashing of the machine in the service vehicle. Robust plastic chassis reliably protects the pump against damage and dirt.
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage: High-quality equipment
High-quality equipment
Automatic pressure relief for protecting the components extends their life. Powerful, 2-pole, air-cooled electric motor. High-quality brass cylinder head.
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage: Easy servicing
Easy servicing
Easy access to the cylinder head through the open part at the bottom of the machine. Quick access to the electrical box by simple removal of the machine cover. Large, easy-to-reach water fine filter for protecting the pump against dirt particles in the water.
Increased energy efficiency
  • Newly developed 3-piston axial pump with considerably reduced flow and pressure losses.
  • 20% increase in cleaning performance and energy efficiency.
Effortless and time-saving solutions
  • Fatigue-free EASY!Force high-pressure gun.
  • EASY!Lock quick-release couplings: durable and robust. And five times faster than screws.
Flexible operation
  • For vertical and horizontal operation.
Clever accessory storage
  • Holder for the cup foam lance.
  • EASY!Lock TR20 permits storage of the Power nozzle or a surface cleaner directly at the machine.

Technical data

Supply voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 3 / 400 / 50
Flow rate (l/h) 700
Inlet temperature (°C) 60
Working pressure (bar/MPa) 170 / 17
Max. pressure (bar/MPa) 255 / 25,5
Connected load (kW) 4,2
Power cable (m) 5
Water inlet 3/4″
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 36,6
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 40,9
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 420 x 460 x 970

Scope of supply

  • Spray gun: EASY!Force
  • High-pressure hose: 10 m, Premium quality
  • Spray lance: 840 mm
  • Power nozzle


  • Pressure switch-off
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage
High-pressure washer HD 7/17 M Cage
Application areas
  • Perfect for use in vehicle cleaning, in the construction and transport sectors, as well as industry
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