You brew the best beer

We provide the best cleaning solutions.

You brew beer like nobody else. Maintain this individual quality with professional cleaning. Because cleanliness is essential so that Pilsner beer, wheat beer, lager, ale, etc., can develop and preserve their typical taste.

Modern tradition

There are around 15,000 types of beer. Each one of these beers deserves to find its way from the brewing kettle into bottles, cans and kegs pure and uncontaminated. With the Kärcher system you can clean the entire brewery professionally.


Hops and malt

A decisive factor for smooth-running and reliable brewing processes is professional and efficient cleaning in all areas. Large volumes, high humidity, narrow roads, massive storage areas and kilometres of pipelines are big challenges. And these are best overcome with a system. In the Kärcher system you have machines, accessories, cleaning agents and service from a single source. From the individual machine to the customised complete solution.

Mann in Brauerei

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