Use cloud-based digital solutions from Kärcher to manage and optimise your vehicle wash systems whenever and wherever you want.

The future of vehicle wash system management

Open up a whole new world of possibilities with the cloud-based Charlie platform and products for system management (Charlie Fleet) and payment (Charlie Pay), allowing you to control and optimise your vehicle wash systems. The Charlie Fleet system can be integrated into the Charlie platform individually or in combination with Charlie Pay as a complete solution.

Take advantage of these benefits:

Multi-site management
A high-performance system for organising and controlling all your sites

Flexible handling
Online access to each individual system - at any time and from anywhere

Reduced downtime
Alarm function for quicker response times and faster service

Increased customer satisfaction
New services, advertising and pricing options are easy to set up

More revenue
System management with real-time data and options for direct optimisation

At any time and from anywhere, Charlie Fleet ensures you always know what is happening with your vehicle wash systems – and what isn't.

Using the online platform, you can easily call up key data such as the number of washes, system parameters, revenue (in combination with Charlie Pay), and a whole array of other relevant information. This provides you with the ideal basis for decision-making, allowing you to eliminate or avoid sources of interference faster and open up new potential for optimising sales.

Overview of the components of Charlie Fleet


More knowledge, more options: the Charlie Fleet dashboard allows you to evaluate and control the central functions of your system.


Get an overview of the status of your system and view parameters such as operating and idle times or fault messages.



Analyse the wash performance of your system. Compare wash analysis KPIs such as water and electricity consumption or throughput over various time frames.


Compare revenue from individual or all systems over set periods of time (in combination with Charlie Pay), in order to optimise capacity utilisation and generate more income.


View system parameters such as operating times and programme run times and make changes to all sites or individual sites directly via the dashboard.


Reduce and prevent downtime with automated fault notifications by e-mail.


Charlie Fleet is a simple way to manage and organise all your vehicle wash systems and their corresponding sites.


Create new users, delete or change access rights, or assign people specific roles with just a few clicks.

Charlie Pay is the smart payment system for gantry car wash and self-service wash systems with a variety of features, making payments easy to process for both you and your customers.

It is the ideal addition to the Charlie Fleet system management tool.

Two versions of Charlie Pay are available

Carwash Pay for gantry car washes
Selfwash Pay for self-service wash systems

Product features

  • Smart payment system with a range of functions and setting options
  • Large, user-friendly 10" touchscreen
  • Integrated NFC terminal for secure cashless payments
  • QR code and barcode reader for vouchers
  • Simple management of prices, language variants, advertising and videos via the Charlie portal

Overview of the components of Charlie Pay


Customer-friendly, cashless payment options with EC and credit cards or smartphones with NFC chip, as well as QR codes or barcodes. Optionally also available as drive-in solution for gantry car washes


Data is transferred to the cloud in real time. This will let you know how your systems are being used at all times, so you can make adjustments directly.


Prices can be changed quickly and easily, along with the content of any featured advertisements and videos, and much more. All language settings in the menu can be customised and translated into any language you need.


The simple sales figures analysis provides you with the basis for further marketing steps, such as upselling by displaying additional products or other promotions.

Kärcher Carwash Pay payment system for gantry car washes

Carwash Pay

The modern payment system for gantry car washes is used in combination with Charlie Fleet.



  • Modern, attractively designed terminals
  • User-friendly interface with 10" touchscreen
  • A range of payment options with NFC and QR code reader
  • User guidance can be integrated
  • Electronic receipts
  • Vouchers accepted with QR codes or barcodes
  • Dynamic programme selection with upselling function
  • Optional drive-in function
Kärcher Selfwash Pay payment system for self-service wash systems

Selfwash Pay

Selfwash Pay is a modern payment solution, designed for self-service wash systems. It is used in combination with Charlie Fleet.



  • Appealing design
  • 10" touchscreen set in a user-friendly interface
  • Can be integrated into an existing steel framework or set up as a separate terminal
  • Intuitive user guidance with programme selection directly on the terminal
  • A range of payment options with NFC and QR code reader and an optional coin acceptor
  • Reduced costs by removing the need to handle coins