Water dispenser WPD 50 Ws

The new space-saving WPD 50 WS middle class water dispenser is the ideal complement to our product range. For chilled fresh water – with or without gas.

Small, compact, space-saving: our new WPD 50 WS middle class water dispenser fits into even the smallest spaces in offices and waiting rooms, in the retail sector and in hotel lobbies. Either with or without gas, the machine provides up to 25 people with chilled, fresh and completely hygienic drinking water at any time. Our highly-efficient combination filters reliably eliminate substances such as chlorine or heavy metals, or even viruses and bacteria, which are harmful or negatively affect the taste of the water. The combination filter, comprising activated carbon filter and ultra filter, ensures fresh water with a pleasant taste.

Features and benefits
Water dispenser WPD 50 Ws: Compact design.
Compact design.
The perfect fit where there is limited available space. Intuitive operating concept with easy-to-read sensor buttons. Clearly recognisable dispensing area for optimal positioning of the drinking vessel.
Water dispenser WPD 50 Ws: Powerful Hy-Pure-Plus filter comprising activated carbon filter and ultra filter
Powerful Hy-Pure-Plus filter comprising activated carbon filter and ultra filter
The active-pure filter ensures the best taste and removes chlorine and heavy metals from the pipe. Ultrafilter protects against bacteria and viruses. Chemical cleaning of all water-conducting lines, the cooling module and water dispensing valve.
Water dispenser WPD 50 Ws: Affordable enjoyment
Affordable enjoyment
Easy access to all components enables self-service. Self-service saves unnecessary service work and therefore money. No handling and transport costs compared with gallons or bottled water.
Fresh water for any occasion and any taste
  • For hygienically safe drinking water that can be used both for drinking and cooking.

Technical data

Voltage (Ph/V/Hz) 1 / 220 - 240 / 50
Input pressure without carbonation (bar) 1,5 / max. 6
Water output, chilled (l/h) max. 15
Water output, chilled with CO₂ (l/h) max. 15
Water supply 3/4″
Length of connection (m) 2
Rated input power (kW) max. 0,2
Inlet temperature (°C) 5 - up to 30
Coolant R290
Amount of Coolant (kg) 0,03
Cold water yes
Carbonated water yes
Number of users <= 25
Water outlet height (mm) 290
Colour White
Weight without accessories (kg) 18,7
Weight (with accessories) (kg) 19,5
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 22,8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 449 x 298 x 399

Scope of supply

  • Drip tray with filling level indicator
  • "Hy-Pure-Plus" combination filter


  • Activated carbon filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Water dispenser with contact protection
  • Positioning aid for the drinking vessel
  • Drip tray draining: Without drain
  • Version: Table version
  • Electronic package: Basic
  • Hygienic cleaning: chemical
Application areas
  • Space-saving water dispenser for small spaces
  • Varied application areas: Suitable, for example, for offices, doctor's surgeries, law firms, hotels and the retail sector
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