T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast dry vacuum cleaner

Very sustainable and hygienic.

Sustainable and hygienic – against dust and dirt: The Kärcher T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast is made of 60% recycled materials* and is therefore particularly sustainable. It also impresses with its high suction power as well as highly effective HEPA 14 filter, low weight and very good price-performance ratio.

* All plastic parts, excluding accessories.

 T11/1 Classic dry vacuum cleaner in use


Strong! In terms of the environment and cleanliness

Sustainability plus hygiene, maximum suction power and durability – the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast dry vacuum cleaner does not fail to impress across the board. With its recycled material content of 60 percent, the energy requirement is already reduced significantly during production and the use of valuable raw materials is minimised. This means it is not only very environmentally friendly, but also highly robust and long-lasting. Your professional for efficient cleaning performances.


What really matters: Protect resources, reduce waste

Made from 60% recycled plastic, the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast helps save valuable resources and also contributes to ecological sustainability. The use of recycled plastic is only one of many sustainable solutions for waste reduction and conservation of resources from the highly innovative family-run company Kärcher. Sustainability has already been has already been embedded in its corporate strategy for many years. Here you can find out more about sustainability at Kärcher.

Sustainable path for the perfect cleaning result

Particularly environmentally friendly: 60% recycled material content

The T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast from Kärcher is made from 60% recycled plastic. This enables the dry vacuum cleaner to perfectly combine aesthetics, robustness, and sustainability while also guaranteeing high efficiency with every use.

Environmentally friendly cleaning with the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast

Highly effective and hygienic: The HEPA 14 filter

Thanks to a standard HEPA 14 filter with a filtration and separation degree of 99.995%, the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast also meets the highest safety standards in hygienically sensitive areas. The filter retains tiny particles such as viruses, aerosols and germs measuring only a few micrometres and is certified according to the test standard DIN EN 1822:2019. This guarantees high-quality, clean blower air time and again. More information about this topic can be found here.

Hygienic HEPA 14 filter

Very low operating noise: Only 61 dB(A)

The quiet operating noise of 61 dB(A) protects the ears of cleaning staff during long working hours. With its low noise level the T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast is perfect for applications in noise-sensitive areas as well as at night.

Low noise level during use

Clever equipment details – What more could you want?

Made by professionals for professionals: Your specialist for demanding tasks


The Kärcher T 11/1 Classic HEPA Re!Plast masters various applications – whenever hard or textile areas have to be cleaned regularly. Thanks to its sustainable concept with 60% recycled materials and the highly effective HEPA 14 filter, the dry vacuum cleaner is perfect for professional cleaning applications, even with high hygienic requirements.


Building service providers

● Professional cleaning of hard and textile areas

● Applications in typical areas such as reception, offices, meeting and seminar rooms

● Versatile in locations with high hygienic requirements – thanks to HEPA 14 filter

Professional cleaning applications of building service providers