Suction hose

The suction hose for mobile cleaning is mounted onto the pressure washer and enables the use of alternative water sources like wells and water canisters.

With the suction hose for mobile cleaning, you can also connect the pressure washer to alternative water sources like wells and water canisters. For this purpose, the tank is detached from the device, the tap adaptor on the hose is attached to the connection thread and the other end of the hose with filter is placed in the water. By then actuating the trigger gun, the device suctions the water. The filter reliably ensures that no dirty water gets into the device. It can be removed for cleaning and rinsed out under running water. Thanks to its length of 2 metres, the suction hose offers a large operating radius.

Features and benefits
Mounted on the device
  • Replaces the water tank.
Alternative water sources
  • No limit on the water volume.
Integrated filter
  • Prevents dirty water from getting into the device.
Large operating radius
  • 2 m long.

Technical data

Colour White
Weight (kg) 0,1
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 0,1
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 198 x 144 x 48