Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set

Grasses and stubborn weeds don't stand a chance against the powerhouse of the continuously adjustable LTR 36-33 Battery lawn trimmer as a set, including battery and fast charger.

The battery powered LTR 36-33 Battery lawn trimmer set is a grass-cutting powerhouse. The continuously variable power regulation means the user can adjust the device to any job. The twisted cutting line produces extremely precise cutting results. And the automatic line adjustment feature also guarantees the trimmer line is always the ideal length. The diameter of the cutting circle also adjusts to reach corners and tight spaces more easily. The soft two-handed grip and the shoulder strap mean using the battery lawn trimmer needn't hurt your back or sap your energy, and the fold-out plant guard prevents accidental damage to flowers and trees. One battery and a fast charger are included in the delivery.

Features and benefits
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set: A lawn trimming powerhouse
A lawn trimming powerhouse
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set: Efficient cutting system
Efficient cutting system
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set: Continuously variable speed adjustment
Continuously variable speed adjustment
Practical plant guard
Adjustable cutting circle diameter
Ergonomic operating concept
Automatic line extension
Detachable shaft
36 V Kärcher Battery Power battery platform
Optimum use of trimmer blades

Technical data

Battery powered device
Battery platform 36 V battery platform
Cutting diameter (cm) 28 - 33
Strimmer cutter Line head
Thread extension automatic
Trimmer line geometry twisted
Line diameter (mm) 2
Speed regulation yes
Rotational speed (rpm) 7000
Battery type Lithium-ion replacement battery
Voltage (V) 36
Capacity (Ah) 2,5
Performance per battery charge * (m) max. 600 (2,5 Ah) / max. 1200 (5,0 Ah)
Runtime per battery charging (min) max. 35 (2,5 Ah) / max. 70 (5,0 Ah)
Battery charging time with fast charger 80%/100% (min) 48 / 78
Charging current (A) 2,5
Power supply for battery charger (V/Hz) 100 - 240 / 50 - 60
Weight without accessories (kg) 2,7
Weight incl. packaging (kg) 5,8
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm) 1485 x 348 x 347

* Lawn edge


  • Variant: Battery and charger included
  • Battery: 36 V / 2.5 Ah Battery Power battery (1 pc.)
  • Battery charger: 36 V Battery Power fast charger (1 pc.)
  • Coil
  • Plant guard
  • Additional handle
  • Shoulder belt
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set
Lawn trimmer LTR 36-33 Battery Set
Application areas
  • Lawn
  • Lawns and meadows
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