Vilnius town hall cleaned

With the "Let's Clean Lithuania" project, Kärcher Lithuania is giving the historic center of Vilnius and other cities a new shine.

Kärcher cleaning project at Vilnius City Hall.
Cleaning at Vilnius Town Hall.

It was the first time that Kärcher Lithuania had carried out a cleaning project of this magnitude, marking the start of a new project: "Let's Clean Lithuania". It is no coincidence that the project was launched right there. City Hall is the heart of Vilnius. It is the city's most important historical monument and gives Vilnius its identity as a city.

"We want everyone who enters the town hall, church, palace, square or any other place we have cleaned to not only feel the spirit of the town or place, but also to see how beautiful it is. We hope that we can carry out many more projects like this, including in small towns in Lithuania," says Marta Naudžiūnienė, Managing Director of Karcher Lithuania.

The cleaning work was carried out in preparation for the third annual "Town Hall Colonnade" cultural festival and as part of the city's 700th anniversary celebrations. Kärcher Lithuania not only cleaned the town hall steps, but also the entire granite base, the areas around the town hall and the sidewalks.

The Kärcher experts cleaned Vilnius Town Hall Square.
Vilnius Town Hall

All facts at a glance

Country: Lithuania
Place: Vilnius

Type of soiling: Biological growth, street dirt
Cleaning technology: Hot water high-pressure cleaner with surface cleaner, sweepers

Implementation: June 2023

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